Hello from Madrid! My goal is know people around the world and improve...

Hello everybody.
I’m writting from Madrid.
Yesterday I wrote here my first topic. My goal is know people around the world and improve my english language skills ( sorry if I make mistakes in some of my writting and please let me know.) :wink:

Hello Riccambra,

Welcome to our community. We are glad to have you around. How are things in Spain now? Your writing skills are quite good and they will get even better if you practise them with us on a regular basis. What do you do? Talk to you soon.

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Hi Torsten,
In Spain we have a very warm summer. In the beach you can go very well with it but in Madrid is other question.

Hello riccambra!
Welcome and nice to meet you!

Yes, summer in southern European countries is unbearable sometimes, especially in the cities. It is the same in Greece.

Talk to you soon, Sunny

Hey nice to meet you ! hope you’ll find some very interesting things in this website. :lol:

Hi sunny and nawa10, nice to meet you too.
This web is interesting to me because. Every day I’m connecting to it, I’m reading messages and writing. My next goal is create a blog and everyday write a short essay in English. When I have it I’ll publish the URL.

Hello there!!Nice to have you here! :smiley: welcome!

Hello. I am from Madrid too. I am like you, improving my english here. Only a mistake I can see…writing, not writting, you do not double the T when the word finished in vowels…I think this is the rule. Have a good day!