Hello friends! I am waiting for you!

:slight_smile: Hello there,
I am a teacher from Thailand. I teach secondary school in Chon Buri, Thailand. I would like to join the forum since I am sure I can improve my English here. Thank you the webmaster so much to give me this wonderful chance. :slight_smile: Friends! I am waiting for you. Nice to meet you all.

Nice to meet you, too!

:smiley: Sunny

Hey ya!!
Nice to meet you too!!
i am a teacher too, so maybe we can exchange our ideas here?
Looking forward to hearing from you!!!
Take care!! :smiley:

hi, iā€™m glad to make a friend with you, iā€™m Lena, i come from Russia, i 'm a student, and i 'm not russian, i hope we can write together, and day by day improve our english please reply me by my address : comet_russia@yahoo.com, and for other friends too. iā€™m looking forward to uy mail,

Lena, you are from Russia and not russian. But who are you?