Hello folks! This is Nitin here

This is Nitin here.
I take this oppurtunity to introduce myself to the administrators as well as to other members of this forum. I am a little late in my introduction, I know.I found this website very usefull for my TOEFL prep and am eager to get and give more help during my preparation for GRE. I am from India, doing my Engineering and am planning to do my M.S program in the U.S. GRE does play a major role in the admission process and so am looking forward to enhance my score by interacting here on this forum.
I would like the moderators and other experienced staff here to assist me in my preparation. If any users have any doubts or think that I could be of any help , u r free to approach me…

Hello, lovboy. Yes, I see, you joined earlier :smiley: I believe you’ll take all the required assistance and tips. By the way, what is your score in GRE tests?

hey there pamela!
I am taking my GRE next month first week.
Are you a moderator here or just a member like me?

I’m already a communicator :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Do you think you’re ready enough for passing this test? Anyway, within month you’ll take more practice.

hey there !
u can have a lok at my essay i posted in this forum… english-test.net/forum/forum22.html

pls comment and rate my essay
will be very thankfull!
see ya

Certainly! But not earlier than tomorrow. I just look through it but tomorrow I’ll give you my personal appreciation.

Hi lovboy,
I’ve read your essay and it’s really great.( you can take into consideration Mister Micawber’ remarks. Keep on writing! You have a talent! :smiley:

i shall practice more and get better , with yr help of course!

Hi Nitin,
Nice to meet you. I am new here. Could you please help me to improve my English? I would highly appreciate your help.

Thank you,