Hello everyone. My name is Jason, I live in Malaysia, which is a multi-language

Hello everyone,
My name is Jason, I live in Malaysia, which is a multi-language country. I’m Chinese, but im Christian. My country is full of Malays and Chineses but I hate them. I wish I was born in the East. I’m a 12 years old boy.

But, I’m different from the others ><. It’s hard to tell what differences between us.

I love computers, they are my “Life”. I can’t live without them, seriously.
So, I’m not active. And because of that, I often ill.

Good to meet you all. If anyone is interested in computers (programing, web designing and even gaming), animes and technologies, you can E-Mail me at HawttDawgg@hotmail.com and we can become friends ^^.

And, I know my English sucks, esspecially grammars. I’m “Fixing” them now ^^. Bye, Good luck.

my name is Niyas
Iam from India
How r u
best wishes


I didn’t believe that you just 12 years old but anyway we still can becoming friends!
I think you live in the place that you can learn a lot, you just open your heart and
your mind.Let’s see how wonderful lifes are.

Take care,

Nope, My country sucks. And I learned almost everything from the internet. I hate Malaysia because its a Malay country and you need to good at Malay (language) to live there. If you suck at it, you can’t make a living there. And all those people there are very childish and stupid. And also, they are shameless.

I liked this forum because its different from other forums. Because in other forums, they often use Singlish, Engrish or l33t sp34k.
And, tell me more about you, where you from and how old are you :). Nice to meet you anyway.