Hello everyone, My name is Dave, and I am an English teacher in Canada...

Hi all,

My name is Dave, and I am an English teacher in Canada.

I like to show my students this site, especially all the TOEIC tests. So, I thought I could join the forum and talk to some students. I look forward to learning about your studies and I hope I can help you improve your English.

Hello every one ! I am a teacher from India.

Hello Dave,
My name is Geertje and I hope I can learn a lot from you as an English teacher. I live in the Caribbean. I need to improve my conversation skills and writing skills. I lack those two important skills in my daily life. I will thank you in advance for answering my letter.


Hi Dave!

I’m Hemasiri from Sri Lanka.My native language is Sinhalese.I hope you can help me to improve my English.

I am sure you can improve. Just keep practicing!


That sounds funny. So you aint gonna share your experience, are you? :smiley:

Yes, I would love to share my experience. That is why I am here.

I look forward to answering questions and starting discussion

Hello Dave,

Welcome to the forum, we can learn and improve a lot by using this forum. I have joined this forum since one month back. I got my essays checked; I daily use this forum so that I can improve my spoken English as well writing skills. Yes it’s true; your student will get fruitful result if they join this forum. But lastly every think depends how much you practice English language on daily bases.
Well nice to meet you.

Warm Regards,