Hello everyone, I'm Abdullah from Saudi Arabia

hello everyone,

I’m Abdullah. I’m from Saudi Arabia

First of all, My English language is not quite good and this why I am here.

I have to pass TOEFL through 6 month and I am very worry about that.

I hope that you will help me to pass TOEFL.

Hello Abdullah, welcome to this English fan (and fun) site!

Here you will find a great deal of learning material as well as a helpful group of English enthusiasts from around the world.

Good luck on your test preparation!

thank you ms. Conchita


Ahlan wa sahlan!

hehe, did i get it correct? I learnt a little arab when I was little but I forgot most of it.

Anyway, dont worry too much about your exam. Worrying wont get you anywhere, on the other hand, a little fear is good, it means that you will work hard.

Do you read books? I learnt a lot verbs and adjectives from reading. Hope this tip helps.


You used copyrighted material: hehe.

Fork over the standard eight cents, please.



I am Tom. It is my pleasure to make your (virtual) acquaintance. I live in the United States and (through no conscious choice of my own) speak English as my native tongue. I’ll be happy to help in any way I can.

Okay, fine, it’s American English… so sue me.


Hello,Abdullah :smiley:

first, do you know ?your name is one of beautiful names in this world :wink:

about your exam, don’t worry… just you trust in yourself, and you will pass it.

I wish you had good luck in your exam.

Allah will be with you :slight_smile:


thanks so much

NinaZara, your Arabic language is very good :slight_smile:

prezbucky, thank you by the way my dream is studying in USA I hope I will

would you please give me you e-mail ?

Dark magician thanky you I think you’re arabic,aren’t you ?

a warm welcome for you geophysics!! You will surely learn so much about english here… i am still new here but tell you i’ve learned so much already… :wink:

The nicest thing in this site is that it is composed of people from almost everywhere, and any religion…(not to mention any age) hahhahahha :smiley:


Sure thing.

huh! 6 month, man!
pretty much time to get all 120!
good luck :wink:

what does the phrase `Fork over the standard eight cents, please.’ mean?

and hey, i didnt use any copyrighted materials..FYI. its very common to say those phrases in malaysia. :roll:


you are right :smiley:

I’m from syria and I live in Damascus :wink:

what about you?
where you live in Saudi Arabia ? ( I mean your city)
because I have a lot from my family live and work in Saudi Arabia

nice to meet you here Abdullah :smiley:




Stop being weird. Need I beg you?

I’m not sure if the rate is still eight cents, but as recently as (approximately) a decade ago, radio stations were required to pay eight cents to a record label every time they played a song.


Radio station – 108.1 WZZZ

Song – U Rok My Werld

Record label: Buzzfinger Sawmill Records

Buzzfinger Sawmill Records owns the rights to the song “U Rok My Werld”. Every time WZZZ plays that song, they’re required to pay eight cents to the record label for the right to play the song.

(as a side note, the reason that the label, song and radio station are so weird/impossible is that I don’t want there to be any chance that I’m using them without permission – you can’t misuse a copyright that doesn’t exist. hehe)

As for me asking for eight cents, I was just joking with you.


Thanks Tom. I hope it’s not too late to thank you. I’m very occupied right now with last minute experiments to get good data for my thesis and guess what, the spindle i’m working with broke!Honestly speaking I feel like crying though I wll never admit it to my seniors.I’m in a serious need to change the air,I’m beginning to smell like my lab!This place is a good place for me to get away (mentally) from all the work.

I know in my heart that all these will pass and I’ll live through this.ALways reminding myself my favourite chinese proverb-What cannot kill you can only make you stronger.

The end.Sorry if I bore you with the story of my life.

The Spanish saying is very similar: What doesn’t kill you, makes you fatter (lo que no mata, engorda). For some people, the alternative is just as bad, I guess!

PS: What a cute baby you have there, Nina!


why fatter?I guess it has to do with being thicker…which might mean stronger.

Anyway, that’s my niece Aisya(Ahmadov thought I was a japanese mother with my baby haha!).I’m crazy about her I could eat her!

We took that picture when I went back to Malaysia last summer.She’s 10 months old now.She’s very very white! Her father is from the Chinese and Australian descendants and her hair is ginger and she has very small grey eyes!

Pardon me, please.I can talk about her all day she’s my first niece and I never thought I would feel this way but after having her in my life I can’t see any other baby as cute as her!

Nina, that’s cool.

You’ve got a nice-looking baby niece, by the way! And you look good too!


Thanks, Tom. I don’t have enough coins though :wink:

p/s: Bald as a coot, she is!:lol: but she does look darn cute when she has her ribbon on.