Hello everyone! I just found this forum through a Google search...

I just found this forum through a Google search. I’m not quite sure what to put here.

I’ve been having a bit of trouble with my accent and I have a bit of a speech impediment which makes things a lot worse. I was recently told by two of my friends that I had an extremely thick foreign accent and this upset me greatly. I knew I had one but I didn’t know that it was all that thick. I moved around as a kid and I don’t really speak any language “completely” if that makes sense (I have a limited vocabulary and a different accent in each one) and due to this I developed extreme social anxiety. It got to the point where I refused to talk at all, I guess that could have affected my accent. Are there any native speakers on this forum?

I don’t really want to say where I’m from or anything because I’d like people to guess. I was thinking of making a voice recording but I don’t know how to do that, what I’d say or if it would be appropriate.

Thanks to anyone who reads this. :slight_smile:

Hi Danny,

If you like to record a voice message,
You can start by =>
posting a new message - and …

There you’ll see the icon of a microphone
Click on that and just read what you typed in your 1st post
Or you can start a new message … Once you’re done…
… Click on Post voice message …

You can also try this => english-test.net/forum/forum33.html

Good luck & Have fun .