Hello everybody! Who wants to speak in English with me?

Hi! I have been learnig English for some years, but I know that I’m not good at it. I registered to this forum because I would like to improve my language and to talk with people from another countries. So if anybody wants to talk with me on any subject I will be very glad :smiley: See you

Welcome to a great website, Magda!

How do you like it here? English is our one big common interest, isn’t it? What other subjects are you interested in? Well, I hope that I won’t shoo you away with all my questions and that you’ll enjoy participating in these forums.

Hi Conchita!
How I like it here?It’s great! Writing with people from other countries and in addition improving English. I’m glad that you are asking beacuse you have shown some interest. It’s really amazing that I can wrtite with a person from Spain. This year I had to choose which language to learn as a second Spanich or Italian and I have chosen Italian…Maybe in some time I will learn also Spanish. I think it is beautiful and of course Spain is wonderful :smiley:
Have you heard what happened in Poland recently?I mean that horrible tragedy in Katowice. Poland is now in mourning…

It is very sad indeed and all the more unexpected since Poland is a country used to heavy snowfalls.

It even snowed in Madrid last night, where we are not at all used to it – the only snow we normally get to see from here is that which, in winter, dusts the mountains that surround us.

We are used to the snowfalls but this year winter is really severe.Back to the tragedy in Katowice-snow was the direct cause but as it turned out yhe whole construction was defective.
I can’t wait to feel the spring and to hear singing birds…
I have read that you are a singer, what kind of music do you sing?

Hello Magda,

Ah, spring! It must be the most anxiously awaited season. Some days it seems to be round the corner. Yet winter is far from being over, I’m afraid.

In answer to your question, I sing in two choirs – we perform all kinds of choral works, but mainly sacred music: from early chants to Haendel, Mozart, Gounod, Bach, Schubert, Manuel de Falla etc. Anton Bruckner’s locus iste is one of my great favourites.

Apart from that, I sing in three amateur groups: a celtic band, a jazz combo and a pop/rock band. I’ve tried singing flamenco, but you need a very special kind of voice for it, if you haven’t been born gipsy or Andalusian, that is (amazingly, I’ve heard some Japanese sing quite good flamenco!). Also, the rhythms are pretty complicated (contrary to what it may seem) and you must be absolutely inmersed in the different moods of the songs to transmit them to the audience.

As you see, my passion for singing is even greater than that for languages!

  1. hai magda…we can learn english together

Hi dear Magda,
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Hi,to everybody!Iwanna improve my English and take practice of it by means of communication!Who supports me?

Hello Magda…Listen, I would love to talk to you in English because I wanna improve my speaking. Maybe if you are interested in, as I am, we could speak in Messenger or another way…Just let me know…

See ya then!!

hello to all friends,
Hi magda and pamela i m from India. I am here to Practice English too.I would like to communicate with you If you like.I support you Pamela And Magda I would also Like to talk about any subject.We can also chat in yahoo messanger My ID is maxbou4u@yahoo.com.
See you
Best Regards