Hello, everybody I'm Huda and want to meet you all!

Hi all,
hows everybody in this fourms ,I hope everybody fine and i good health,and I hope theyre doing well in theres work and school.
sorry for being silent this week and lastweek.I was so busy with university alot`s of homeworks ,god help us anyway
take care everybody
peace out

Dear Huda, (I take it that’s your name?),

Thanks a lot for giving us an update on your activities. You say that you are a university student - what is your major and what university do you study at? Also, what countries are the students in your group from?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten,
thanks alot for youre interesting,Im student in kuwait university,my major is biology science but Ill change my major to medicine and apply for place in UK university in this summer ,about youre question what countries are the student in my group ,Idont know everyone I only knew my friend mariam (bent 8q) but Im forword to know everybody in this forum.
thank you

Hello Huda,

So Mariam (bent_ilq8) referred you to our forum - that’s very interesting. Yes, I remember him telling us about his studies and his nickname clearly shows where he is from. How many students are there at Kuwait University? Why do you want to study in the UK? Have you been to Great Britain before? Also, how is your preperation for the TOEFL coming along? Best regards to Mariam.
Talk to you soon.

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Hi torstent,
how are you?I hope youre in good health,sorry for being late my hand was full with too many things such like college ,and preperaing for fasting beacuse you know in this month the muslims fasts,I want to clear something for you that bent 8q not a man shes agirl, and about youre questions: 1-how many student in kuwait university? There are too many students in kuwait university but I dont have any idea about the definitive numbers.

2-why do you want to study in UK?
-well,frist I heard that education realy good in Uk,second i Ithink medicine in uk more easier then kuwait ,beacuse dendistry years in kuwait is six and half but in UK IS 5.and last thing Iwant to depend on my self and becomeing awomen.

3-have you been in great bratain?
-yes.I been to bratain too many times and I like the life style there ,also the british people very nice and kind with me that`s way I want to study there.

4-hows youre preperation for toefl?
-Am trying hard for takeing the toefl,my problems is with spelling and the grammar too,god help me with that,and I hope I pass the tofel.
thank you.
peace out

Hi Torstent,
How are you,I Hope youre fine ,I realy felt bad when you didnt reply my last message,I was waiting for it but I didn`t get any answer???
peace out

Hi Huda,

How is your preparation for the TOEFL coming along? When you are intenting to take the test? Have you got any suggestions as to you can improve your spelling? How about using a spell checker? If you have MS Word installed on your computer you can simply run any text you write through the implemented spell checker before you post your message. What do you think about this proposal?
When are you going to England next time? Do you have any travel plans for this year?
Also, what happened to bent_8q?
Speak to you soon

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thanks alot huda for your clearness about me .
Iam a girl and the meaning of my neckname is ALKuwait_girl
thank you tosren for asking about me .
Iam now with huda and Iam studying engineering and after this year I will see my grade if it is not good I will go with huda for UK or canada to complete my studying.