Hello! Everybody, I'm from India. Would you like to join me?

This is Rupali here, I am new to this forum. Want to make some english learner friends. I want to improve my english with this forum. Is anybody there who can help me? :slight_smile:

Hi, Rupali:
You are welcome! I know English is used widely in India. Why are you so modest? :smiley: Maybe you can help me, :wink:
Have a good time on ESL.


WELCOME to the boards!!
I’m new too!
Hope you enjoy being here!
have a nice day :lol:

Hi Rupali.Hmmm, I am the third in your list of friends :smiley:

Hi Rupali,

Welcome to our community, as you can see there are lots of people who want to talk to you.
Where in India are you from? Why do you want to improve your English?


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Hi Rupali

Nice to see with us and be sure that I will try to be your faithful friend here .

Here, you will find many lovely members and a great moderators who give you a lovely feeling ,and they give you a supporting in "English " : testing or advice or explanations which you need them to improve your English skills , and of course you can exchange your experiences or cultures with other great members .

Best wishes :wink:


Thanks for your response.Yes,it’s true English is widely used here.But still I,m not very good at it.I am glad for your quick response.Now I feel this thread is really lovely.We get the chances of meeting lots of people from different cultures.

Hello James!
Nice to see you too.Welcome on this board.Thanks! :smiley:

It,s great I can make lots of friends here.Hope you will enjoy.Have a nice time.

Hello Torsten,
Thanks. :smiley: Have you ever been there?I am from eastern india ,Uttar Pradesh.Hindi is spoken here mostly,there’s less influence of english,so we do not get much to communicate.As you know English is widely used here in India and it becomes really important for one to be fluent in it if you want to go to any part of it or go into any job.Since I am not working,so there are very few people to interact with.
I hope this forum is going to help me to improve my language problem.

Thanks Herc!I think I,m going to hav lovely friends here. :wink: Could you give me some tips on how to speak correct and fluent english??How to remember words and put them into use.My grammar is very poor.This holds me back from any sort of conversation.
Thanks again!

Thank you, Rupali. I’m sure you’ll enjoy being there! I think English is important everywhere. Even in my country it’s highly popular and is required in every field :wink:

Hi Rupali, so far I have not been to India but I have friends who have travelled across the entire country. Some of them said that India is a fascinating country full of contrasts and energy. One of my British friends told me that most of the people he met in India could speak English fluently.
So, what is life like in Uttar Pradesh? What do you do? How often do you use the Internet? And where did you learn English, at school I suppose?
Talk to you soon,

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As you know India is not very developed country and population is rapidly increasing as a result of which there is increase in poverty and struggle for basic needs but on the other side you will find people here are very warm hearted and welcoming too.If we talk about my state then, most of it’s part are mountainous region and full of natural beauty.People here are very hardworking and cherish their simple life.They love to enjoy their vibrant cultures and festivals.This festive culture attract lots of foreigners to visit our country.
I like surfing internet and learn english in my leisure hours. I try to use internet almost daily if not,then five times a week.Ya,from schooldays i’m trying to learn this language,but still I make lots of mistakes.
Have a nice day!!!
see you

Hello Diana!
It seems you are a great fan of english.What do you do.Tell me something about you and your country.I think last time I wrote Smith,but later I read your intro,so pls don’t mind.
:? Talk to you soon

I don,t know why there was some problem in opening this page from last few days. :?: Now it’s ok.So,please continue with your replies.And You are always welcome if you feel any discomfort.
Nice Day!!

Hi Rupali

Glad to hear your page-loading problems have cleared up.
That can be frustrating, can’t it?

I’ve had no problems logging onto this website. Was it only this site you had trouble with?


Hi! Amy
Yes,I had this problem only on this site.Thanks for your concern.

Hi Rupali,
Welcome to the forum! Definitely you will find some new english learner friends here. I am also from Uttar Pradesh. Anyway, which city of UP you are from?