Hello everybody, I am Pradhaun from India...

Hi… nice to meet u all. I am Pradhaun from India. I am here to improve my English so that I could take the TOEFL and enter college abroad.

English-test.net is great and have learnt a lot from here. For now, I am practicing my writing skills. I think this forum gonna help me a lot to excel in that…

Take care everyone…

My name is Sylvana, I am from Lebanon. I became a member since I am willing to imrove my english language an writing skills.
Thus I would appreciate your help. And also feel happy in helping any of you.
Thank you… :slight_smile:

Hello, Pradhaun!
I’m Wendy from China and I’m also planning my TOEFL test. Glad to be your friend!
Best wishes!

Hi Wendy… hwz ur preparation going on? when are u planning to tk d test?

Well, I’m going to take it in July. Actually I’m not confident enough on it, for I don’t really think I have an adequate preparation. So I’m just going to have a try first and planning to take it more than once.