Hello everybody! I am from Romania.

Hello everybody! I am from Romania . I am 16 years old and I’d love to speak English perfect but I still need a lot of practice and I am doing lots and lots of mistakes :frowning: so don’t blame me from now on 8)! I love to play basket ball and to draw .

Hi Stanciu, welcome to english-test.net! Your English is pretty good, did you learn it at school? I take it English is your favourite school subject? Talk to you soon, Torsten[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Well , tahanks a lot Torsten (can you please tell me what comes your nickname from?). I’ve learned English at school (of course that’s what you said ) but my problem is that I can’t speak English every day so I have a very poor english culture because I am not i touch with this language. I speak only at school and on the internet and it’s not enough . I’d love to speak for a day (just an example) . Where can I practice more? By the way on monday I am gonna have a test paper :frowning: . I really hate this stuff but I’ll have to obtain a great mark bcause it’s for my university exam (that will be in 3 years) . I hope I 'll do it! Thanks again . Indeed my favourite class is English . If you have other questinons don’t hesitate and “hand them over” .
Best wishes ! 8)