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I need your immediate help! I was given a task to write an article in english and I need it ready tommorow if possible. Please, tell me if I have a lot of mistakes, give me other words, I don’t want to use one word over and over but I am not sure what similar to use. Please tell me about the srtucture and everything and suggest any better decision. Thank you in advance to all good people. Here is :

The boundless power of mind

When good things happen? Why bad things happen? Can we control what happens to us in our life? Can we reach our goals? Can we develop our possibilities and improve our lives or it depends on the others? Do we believe in ourselves? Is this important for the result of what we do? Why some people are successful and manage their life in the way they want? Why there are poor, unhappy people that can’t improve their existing on the Earth planet? Do our life and future depends on our mind? … There are a lot of questions like these and I think everybody in some stage of his life is asking himself why and how. I found an interesting answers for the most questions I have. Am I happy? Yes, I feel happiness and relief! Here is a brief part of what made me excited.

Investigating of our mind is one of the most challenging activities these days.
Using technical devices, computers and experiments there are proven statements saying our mind is
the most powerful engine of our life. One of things we found is how we live depends on what we think! Isn’t that genius! This explains why a negative person is unhappy and not satisfied from his job, life, and everything, and why a positive and constantly smiled person is happy , have more luck and says to his life: I love you!

It is scientific proven that the power of our brain could effects on things, people, events.
Even there is a system (may be thousands of systems) how to improve our life in every point.
It depends only on you!
If you want to be lucky you have to work for your luck , after it will work for you!
I was very impressed when I have read “The Silva Method” book and surprised when I found it works for me! (and it usually works for everyone) The basic exercise for mind (Yes, our brain need to do exercises like our body!) is you need to dream about your goal and this will make it happen. When I say dream this means you imagine the things happen in the way you want when the mind is in a condition like before sleeping, though you are completely awake and concentrated but with closed eyes. This special conditions is when the brain works in Alpha frequency (more about it you can read in the book). When you are in this condition you are totally relaxed and calm, and it is impossible to make bad things happen if this is what you want. This means that you can imagine, want and exercise every day only for good things. This is an incredible power and puts us near God! It is like you are real part of the Universe and you feel it is true while programming your own life and future!
Our brain has a great influence over us. But sadly, we still don’t have habit to use it. No one in the family , school or in the office tell us how to ‘use’ our brain.
Unfortunately, education like this is not included in our social life, in exception with private trainings like Silva’s.
While I was reading the book I found a lot of statements are like advises given from God in my religion – the Christianity.
For example – Don’t think bad about someone’s life. When we dream about our goal using The Silva Method we are unable to influence someones life with evil. The Universe law says : What you think goes to the cosmos and it comes back to you three times powerful. It sounds scaaaary! But true! The Universe laws are for every creature on this planet!
The examples given in the book tell about normal people like taxi drivers, housewives, insurance agent, sick people and many others.
There are more exercises, for example one of them helps you to develop your memory skills and to be able to remember a lot more information than you usually do. I recommend all people to hear about this information and I would be glad if you share your information and experience with me:)!
I could share what is my experience as a beginner in this area , but this will be next time :slight_smile:
Now I wish everybody to find the light in their life and reach the happiness!

Yours, Elena