Hello every one

I’m a new member

Have a nice time with English with each other.

Hello, I hope you will enjoy as much as I enjoy using this forum. Have a good time here…

Welcome to the forum Parisa Afagh, Roro4 and Sobia Aslam. I am Julius, 25 years old and from the Philippines.

Hey, Julius. I’m Kath. 19 years old. And I’m from Philippines as well. Nice meeting you here. :slight_smile:

hi to everyone.'am ely

Welcome to this forum. Best of luck

Hello. Greetings from Cameroon in Africa.I need your help in english

How can I help you

I need to improve my english.Especially speaking
'am preparing for the toefl exam

Wao! what a coincidence I am also preparing for TOEFL. I will probably take test in this month. Take help fom Joseph Videos available on youtube. They are really helpful

Thanks! I will try.

I have seen many videos! I am lost

Another thing which you can do is record your voice message on this forum. Ask any volunteer or moderator on this forum to check your message and give his or her views about how you speak and how about your pronounciation. I hope it works for you and plz pray for me as well…

If you are extremely weak in speaking part, then, I 'll suggest you to subsribe yourself on joseph website. Notefull.com . He is offering some good packages in speaking. But, then, you have to pay for it.

Same here Kath. How did you find the Forum? :wink:

Thank you very much for your greetings.

Good idea, thank you.