Hello every body! I allready wrote a long private message but after trying...

I am homa, the new student!
I allready wrote a long private message but after trying to send it I found that Ishould sent some public messages! and I could not copy my message! it was owful!!!
so this is my first public message:
Hello everybody

welcome to you…
We all are the learner for life long.
English becomes global tongue and we find our way to be improving it.
This site is of great help in ur way of learning if u use it properly.

I hope i use it in the correct way.
what is the correct way?!
i receive an e-mail every week.but some times i have not enough time to read all the course or do all the exercises.

I mean to use it properly .
Correct way of using it is already framed by the admin of this site.
we just need to flowing through it.
I want you just not to miss it’s part of exercise.
nothing more…just sharing.fri
don’t mind me.