Hello every body, Can I have a buddy to improve my english skill?

Hi all,

I’m Jakapong from Thailand. I’m 27 years old.I’m working for 4-5 years with 4 companies. But my english skill didn’t better than I study in college. Someone tell me the best way to improve skill is find the foreigner friend who can speak english and need to make a new friend with difference culture like me. So,I found this website and I hope they can help me. T_T

Best regards,

Hi T_T, my name is Rosario I’m from Bolivia and I live in the States in New York. I’ll be more than happy to chat with you. You are only 27 years old and you are working for a company for about 4 or 5 years. May I ask if they are American people or you need to speak English with customers?
Your English it’s not bad at all, since you are from different country and you don’t live here in the States, I understand that you want to move forward with your English.

I hope to hear from you, so we can keep chatting.
Have a nice day!


Hi Purevsuren, how are you. So you are in Mongolia how exiting must be where you are, very different than the States. I think I have send you a message before, but I’m not sure if it did get to you.
You are new here, so I’m and even that I can have a conversation and I understand American English. I need to improve my writing. I think that any language that you want to learn you have to practice every day. Unfortunately we are in the Winter it’s very cold, so not too many people take a walk on the street where you can always say hello and maybe have a little chat.
Well, I would like to hear from you as soon as possible. Now I have to take my dog for a walk he is looking at me with a funny face. I better go.
Talk to you soon.


Hi Rosario,

Thanks to chat with me. Yes, my boss and many of customers are foreigner. I can understand what they said but I take a long time to thinking a word or sentence. I practice myself by watching the movies, listening music and learning a vocabulary from PC-games. What about you? What are you doing in New york and what is the capital language in Bolivia. I know about your country from watching football. They are nice fighter football team.

Have a nice day.


Hi Jakapong,

You have a nice name, quite different than most names I know. It’s interesting to communicate with people from other countries, and of course exchanging messages it helps both of us new expressions and so on. You say that in order to practice your English that you like to watch T.V., let me tell you. That is the best way you can get your English move forward. Because you are away from the USA, then the T.V. will help you us much it does help me to listen and understand. I’m very thankful that I live here. I like the costumes, the freedom to live as you please. In other words, you can were jeans all the time and no one will mind if you do. Where I came from you have to get all dress up just to go to the post office, it sounds like a joke but it’s true, and I don’t like it.
Here people used a lot of idiomatic expressions or we can say slang. Especially young people. Now you need a perfect English because your job right, so you can’t use slang, but it’s good to know. Who knows maybe some day you will come here then you can used slang all the time.
So tell me what do you know about my country? beside that they play football. It’s a complicated country, but beautiful.
I think that I’m writing too long I don’t want to bother you with a long message.
One last thing, I’m only an student I want to improve my writing more than anything. If you have any question regarding your English you have to get in contact with one of the teacher. They are nice and willing to help you.

Take care of yourself,
P.S. You can send me back a message if you like

Hi Mr. Torsten,

How is my English writing, not my spelling, it will get better because now I’m writing every word I make a mistake and I reapit writing the same word until it get to my head. But in general how do you find my grammar, my expressions. Do I reapit myself over and over. I hope not.
Now I have a friend that we can comunicate when ever he wants.

Regards from,


Mr. Torsten,

I do want to get my score much better. Can you recommend what tests I should take.
I hope to hear from you. Maybe there is Lesson 29
How can we know when to used only one m or t or s etc. That is my problem, there must be a rule in English that tells the student when to used double tt, or ss or mm etc. is there or not?
Thanks in advance,


Hi Rosario,

How are you today?
First of all, I don’t mind if you need to reply me with long message. So, My thai name “Jakapong” that mean “The person who is the next generation of a great clan” sound like dramatically 555. I like to watching the American series very much such as Lost, Prison break, White collar, Spatacus and Walking dead. They make me fun, exciting and give me a lot of knowledge about world because I didn’t ever visit foreign country. And I agreed with you about the freedom in America. There is a nice place and New york city is a “City of dream”.
Your country speak Spanish right? I actually know a little about your country and another things are there have a lot of mountain and mining and your people characteristic are similar to me(yellow skin). Please correct me if I wrong.
So.you are a student.which grade? Do you live alone or live with American guy? I dream to be there and get some jobs.
Ok the last thing, I’m apologies If some word or sentence make you disfavor because I try to use my actually English skill to communicate someone who expert in English like you and see the feedback.

I have to take a lunch. Happy to chat with you.
P.S. I have to reply more than 5 replies to get authorize to send PM.

Hi Jakapon,

Here I’m answering your nice message. You made me laugh, because I don’t think my English is perfect please be honest. As a matter of fact your second message sounds like if some one else have written. Please forgive me for being so open and I always say the true. Frankly, as I was reading your message I was a little suspicious, thinking who did write this message for my friend?
Forget about it, as far as what color of skin are the Bolivian people. You will not believe but there are all kind of people with different look, such as: white skin, blond with green or blue eyes or white with green eyes like my father and most of my family. Now you know that there are a lot of Indigenas (Indians) they have a dark skin not black but dark beige kind of. There are no black people in my Country. As the time goes by there are more and more people from all over that move in my country because it’s very inexpensive to live there. Specially the food, since we have so much of everything. That is why it’s inexpensive living there.
About a few years ago I came back here, I was there a few years taking care of my other who was ill. That is when my English got rusty because being aways from here, and not practicing much I couldn’t believed when I came back, the first time I went to the movies, I had a hard time understanding completely as I do now. I told you that I speak and understand quite well because I hear people every where, in the stores on the street, my neighbors and so on, that helps me a great deal. But writing the way I used to unfortunately I don’t any more. That is why I’m here to improve my writing skills.
I think your writing it’s better than mine. But you want me to correct your English if I see some mistake that you might make right? well as I have said before I’m not a teacher which I wish I was in order to help people that can’t speak a word of English I think I could. I help my brother, he is older than me. He can write, his grammar it’s good, his spelling it’s better than mine, but to say a sentence forget about it LOL! it really sound funny. His problem is that he is surrounded by Spanish speaking people, that doesn’t help him at all.
Well, that it’s for now I have thing to take care of. Keep on writing please.
I’ll talk to you soon (ttus shorthand lol)


try internet chat rooms … that is cheap and easy way to improve conversation

Hi Rosario, I’m a retired English teacher living in Germany and I was interested to read your mails. You say you learn vocabulary by writing out the words. That’s fine, but not enough. Try recording them onto an MP3 player or something, and play them back to yourself. If you learn with your ears as well as your eyes, you will learn twice as fast. By the way the spelling is ‘repeat’ not reapit. If I can help you again, please contact me.