Heating your home office for 8 pence a day


What’s your opinion? Ever tried it?

Dear Claudia!

Good idea!

Now that we joined EU, every idea to make savings, is


But still, the armchairs with height back is useful, like in the

old times, when the fireplaces could warm only the front of a


Oh, the winter again…

Remember about the blanket for your knees!

Good long night…

Keep warm my dear.


Why don’t you girls come live in our jungle.

We need a mat and a net, that’s all. And a pot of water. Some plastic sheets for the rain.

Sometimes, a jungle can be a paradise.

Your kind of winters are freakish, they say.

Have fun.

I was only joking.


There’s nothing more comfy than leaning back in a recliner, wrapped in a nice, soft blanket, with a warm cup of tea or hot punch while watching a good movie. But when the room is cold, I start to freeze as soon as I go to the kitchen to get popcorn. There are only two ways to solve the problem: flower pots with lit Ikea candles set in a metal bread container, or a slave. I’m sure you all know what I’d opt for.

Whenever our winters get freakish, I dream of grabbing a mat, a net and a pot of water and moving to the jungle. Now that you’ve mentioned the plastic sheets, I would, of course, pack them, too. When we see photos of a jungle, they show a waterfall with a naked beauty standing under it. We think, “Oh, why can’t I be that naked lady, standing under this very waterfall?” And the males here think, “Oh, why can’t I be standing next to that naked lady under this very waterfall?” But we’ve got a long way to go to get there.

Just kidding, too.

What amused me about the video was that the builder of the mini-furnace included the warmth given off by his computer. Also, he has not one but two monitors hooked up to it. Yes, he heats his office with 8 pence a day candles n’ clay, but sure doesn’t mind cranking up the power consumption. The electricity provider is rubbing his hands, laughing. Which reminds me, rubbing one’s hands also produces heat . . .

Stay snug!

Dear Claudia!

You said:" When we see photos of a jungle, they show a waterfall with a naked beauty standing under it".

I don’t doubt, that this beauty in the picture, it is you, during your journey to Australia.

Maybe not under a waterfall, but under the waves of ocean.
Anyway, you don’t need to envy anybody.

Thanks for the funny message. I had a joy:)))

My dear, poke into your e-mail , please. I’m there.



I wouldn’t go that far for a woman. And when she was naked. What would people think seeing a tiger stalking a naked girl . PERVERT?
And I wouldn’t fancy a naked girl outdoors. Too cheap for me.

Especially girls are everywhere, every time in my poor jungle. hihihi.

In my poor jungle girls come to men. Then men think they are rich. Oh, my.

Stay comfy.

You are the first who recognized me for what I truly am: a mermaid!

:-))) Thank you so much for your nice compliment, Alicja!

Nah, I don’t think so. They would think that the tiger is hungry. But the man getting excited about a tiger stalking a naked girl, he would be considered a pervert!

Girls have been trying so hard to get a page on Playboy and Hustler and etc.

Sadly,most of them become streetwalkers.

Knowing this we men buy those magazines in order to support their jobs / professions.

Then the women/girls call us perverts.

Is it fair? How on earth men’s good deeds and intentions become perversion?

What if we don’t buy those magazines?

They can’t sell those magazines to chimpanzees?

Have fun.

Sometimes it’s good to be a pervert. Cos you have chances to see the hidden beauties ( which most of them wish to exhibit ) . Not many men have this kind of chance you know. Seeing is believing? Toll!

Your way of reasoning amazes me. Worthy of a new thread.

Lol, you must be joking.

IQ40 way, I copied from that bloke.

By the way, I’m really sorry to make you topic messy.

I won’t do that again, I promise.

Stay comfy!


You, too!