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What’s in a good diet for you? Michael Phelps, one of the greatest sporstmen of all times, swears by the full English/Irish breakfast. Have a look!

Do you pay attention to your diet?

Hi Ralf

Nowadays I don’t pay as much attention to my diet as I used to – although good chocolate always manages to catch my attention. :lol:

When I was swimming competitively, I used to do the same sort of “targeted fuel consumption” as Phelps – but on a much smaller scale. The amount he eats (and also manages to burn) is truly amazing! :shock:

Did you see his photo-finish win in the 100-meter butterfly? I loved the look on his mom’s face when the results were posted. Priceless.

By the way, did you also see Dara Torres swim yesterday? What an amazing woman!

I saw it on the news today! Phelps touched first by the bittiest of margin, less than a fifth of an inch earlier than the Serbian dude :o

I live on a similar healthy diet, but for some reason my silhouette doesn’t look quite as impressive :roll:


Yes, I read about his 12000kcal diet earlier this week, simply amazing. I have not swam in a long time but I know it’s a great work out. All the calories will be burned, so I can understand when he said he has problems keeping the weight on.Actually, this is the golden rule, exercise regularly and you can eat whatever you want.

And like Amy, I used to pay a lot attention to my diet but now I simply don’t have the time. I make sure I eat breakfast but I often skip lunch and eat energy bars/chocolate instead, on a daily basis. It saves me a lot of time but I feel, somehow my blood is dirty/unhealthy so I crammed a lot of vegetable juice. Until around 4 months ago I decided to take “aojiru” (I believe it’s kale juice?), it’s green and it looks yucky but it is soo tremendously good for the skin and health in general I totally recommend it to anybody who is interested in improving their health.

Only a 100ml of this everyday, you don’t need to take anything else, other than protein that is, or carb, if you like. It has double/triple the amount of every vitamins compared to any other green/coloured vegetables. Also, it is a better source of calcium compared to milk. When I first take this drink up, I noticed the shadows under my eyes are gone and believe it or not, I don’t even get pimples anymore. So I registered and have it sent to me every month (frozen ones). When I am travelling I always have it in powder form.

So this is the ultimate health recipe for me.

the breakfast is most important for anybody. I care.

I love Michael and see his every match in Beijing Olympic games. :smiley:

Wah! Lucky you. Have you got his signature yet?

My favourite breakfast is buttered toast with Marmite. I grew up with Marmite. It is not sold in Japan so my mother has to send it to me every time I am out of stock.

I love Marmite! I love butter too, cannot imagine life without it!

In Bill Bryson’s A Small Island you can read

Apparently I’m not British :!:

Here we agree :slight_smile:

You don’t know what you’re missing, Ralf. But I guess Marmite is one of those totally love it or hate it kind of food. You have to acquire its taste to love it. Well, my mother has been feeding me with it since I was a baby.

At least do they sell it in Ireland? My sister is going to Ireland in two years time (she just started her A Level programme in Kuala Lumpur) and she is a vegetarian (not vegan, but I don’t remember which kind of vegetarian she is, but she doesn’t eat egg, the only thing of animal source that she puts in her mouth is milk) and Marmite is like a staple for her. If they don’t sell it there, I’ve got to warn her. :lol:


“an edible yeast extract with the visual properties of an industrial lubricant”

Really?!? I think I can never look at Marmite the same way anymore. :lol:

In many way, Ireland is still a British colony. You can get the English channels, people support the English clubs (or Celtic), the Irish papers are like the English plus local news, people drink too much, most girls are guilty of not covering up their michelin-like features sufficiently, meals don’t differ much in terms of high cholesterol concentricity, there’s a tesco supermarket in every bigger town, most people can’t eat their steaks and spuds without brown sauce – and, even marmite is available! Only that not too many people are fond of marmite; probably due to a genetic deficiency we rather eat black pudding for breakfast :idea:

Please do share your experiences :stuck_out_tongue:

I was first introduced to Marmite by Australian friends – although, on second thought, I think they might have called it Vegemite…

I thought it looked suspicious and it tasted basically like bread dough. :lol:

Ireland sounds exciting, I can’t wait for my sister to experience them! And what a relief!

Plus, I’ll get to visit her in the land of Lepricorns!!! Hooray!

The things people associate Marmite with…sigh.

This definitely tops it all. I don’t think I can beat that. It is true, visually at least. :?

Vegemite is another brand, I think, Amy. The other one is Bovril.

We originally ate Bovril, but then my father realized the beef extract was a non-halal product (because at the time Bovril was an imported food from the UK) so we switched to Marmite. But now they are locally produced, and last time I checked Bovril has a vegetarian product too, so we eat them both now.

I am adding this to my list, Amy. :lol:

You’ll definitely have to give us a buzz when your around! I’ll try find some marmite leprechauns for you as well :wink:

Definitely will. :smiley:

PS: Thanks for the correction :wink: We wouldn’t want to upset them if we were to catch one, now would we? :lol:

That’s right, that’s why I did it secretively. The wee folks can be as erratic as the weather :slight_smile:

With your charm Ralf, I don’t think we’ll have much problem, at all. :wink:

Did you see the 50-meter freestyle? Britta Steffen beat Dara Torres in yet another one hundredth of a second squeaker!

Amy, I watched how she worked out in a gym on CNN. Truly amazing woman. And I think it is just wonderful how she just smiled over a hundredth second difference. I sort of felt a wrench in my heart when I heard the news, but she took it with so much grace, I can only admire her for it.

Yes, I did - that was another tight one! And have you heard about Irelands first medals in the pipeline? Keg Egan only needs to knock out this one Brit before leaping to immortal fame!

1st medals!

Ta, I’ll get the first drinks :smiley: