He can't put up with...

Hello ! Could you tell me , please: is this the same? He can’t put up with neighbours… He can’t get on with neighbours
many thanks in advance :roll:

Hi Pupil,

He can’t put up with neighbours: he can’t bear them, he can’t stand them
He can’t get on with neighbours : They don’t have good relations

Hi Angel! Are you sure? Are you teacher?


Angel is quite right.


Many many thanks

Hi! Does this mean that “He can’t put up with neighbors.” is worse than “He can’t get on with neighbors.” ? I mean worse in terms of his relationship with his neighbors. Thanks.

Hi chocolatee,

You certainly like going back to old items on the forum but it’s good to raise matters again.

You asked:

It’s not really a case of worse but of difference in meaning.
I think it’s best to change the word can in the sentences because it is leading to confusion. Get on with simply means have a good relationship with someone. He gets on well with his neighbours means that they talk to each other/they like each other/they don’t have disagreements. He puts up with his neighbours suggests that they are not really ideal neighbours but he accepts that they have a right to be there and is prepared to overlook things they do which he doesn’t like. If there is no dentist to see you until Monday and you have a problem, you will have to put up with toothache all through the weekend.


Hi Alan,
If I say: He’s put up with me, that means I making him uppset, right?
I mean: Hi’s going to explode, he’s had enough, he’s sick of me, whatever.
Thank You

Hi Spencer

Your sentence (“He has put up with me”) means he doesn’t like something you do or have been doing, but up to now he has accepted it (and possibly he will continue to accept it).

I would not understand from your sentence that he’s going to explode. Not yet anyway. “Put up wiith” could lead to an “explosion”, but it’s also possible that he’ll never explode.

Maybe you’re thinking of “He is fed up with me” ? That seems to fit your definition better.


Hi Spencer,

You asked:

There is a suggestion behind this sentence that you make him upset but you don’t do anything about it. You simply accept as I said in the previous reply what he does. When the weather is bad, you accept this/you put up with it but obviously you don’t like it. The idea of exploding as you say may well come afterwards and then you would say: I couldn’t put up with it any longer, I’d had enough and I simply lost my temper and exploded.


Thanks Amy, and Alan,
Yes, I meant “fed up”, and I wanted to know if “put up” is the same.
This put up thing is a bit difficult, 'cause we don’t have it in Hungarian.
I mean we can say it, with about a thousand words involved.
This must be the revenge for the word “cupp” :slight_smile:

Maybe you have ‘to bear’ in Hungarian, instead. This is the verb we use in Spanish for ‘put up’. It has the same meaning of standing, accepting, tolerating or enduring. You must have one of those in Hungarian – or are you a special breed of humans :slight_smile: (maybe unpleasant things never come you way or you don’t accept them, period!!).

We have a phrase that illustrates what you must often do in these circumstances: “Hacer de tripas coraz?n”. Literally, it means ‘to turn your guts into your heart’, or, in good English, to turn lemons into lemonade (from the old adage “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”).


Hi Conchita,
This lemon saying reminds me on another one:
If you feel the wind’s coming, build a windmill, never mind the windbreak. :slight_smile:

Yes, we have something like “I can’t stand it” but somehow in that I feel the explosion making it’s way, and it wont take long. The “had enough” is even closer.
This “put up with” is different, as far as I understand it’s something like “it’s hardly bearable”, and You got to live a long life in Hungary without being 100 % sure that you’ll ever hear this form, or actually meet someone who has heard it already.
In other words: we don’t use it too many times.
In a symilar case I’d say : I hate it.
It doesn’t mean I’m going to do something about it, but it shows my feelings clearly.
Anyway, it’s getting late, good night everybody,
Cupp-cupp Conchita :slight_smile: