Have you ever been on a diet?

Hi,everybody :smiley:
Lots of people try to be fashion,or to stay in good shape,
trying different kind of diets,because according to TV,all of us,specially woman must look like models…
Have you ever been on a diet? if so, why? and how was your experience? Did you lose weight? and after a while, did you gain you weight again?

Your post made me cry, Cristina! :frowning:

Yes, once I did try to go on a very strict diet and for a long time ( four months to be exact), but it was not because I wanted to shed some weight off me, it was for medical purpose.

To be honest, I am inclined to overweight, but I seem to have come to make terms with this holy inclination. I am going to turn 27 this coming January and want to remain smart (at least) till 30. After that who cares!


PS: I did not write my age as 26 [color=red]+, because last time some people made the most of this plus, and this time I do not want to give this opportunity to anyone.

Some people did what??? :wink:
Are you Capricorn or Aquarius, Tom?

Hi Cris

I went on a diet once where I ate basically nothing but salad.
I guess I lost about 8 pounds. But it slowly came back when I started eating other things again. :frowning:

My sister and brother-in-law once went on a diet together. It was some kind of “high protein, low carbohydrate” diet. It was weird, though. My brother-in-law lost much more weight than my sister even though he ate much more.

Did you hear about what happened in Spain? About fashion models who were “too thin” being banned from a fashion show? All I can say is BRAVO! Some of the models nowadays are so skinny they look positively sick.


I don’t see much good in diets. Lost weight always comes back. If someone wants to be in good shape, she/he needn’t resorting to diets if she/he can better go to fitness club and restrict the use of fat food and fast food :shock:

How right you are, Amy!

Ooh Dear,
… well I haven’t noticed anything like this,
I have since I have been borne the permanent chocolade diet mix with toffi-strawberry-nut /chocolade flavours.
I never would touch the “white chocolade”.
Quite hard to carry on like this but what to do…

Jan, the one - negativ healthly

Hi Tom,Amy,Jan,Pamela,…Tom, I forgot to mention those diets that are for health,you are inclined to overweight,I’m inclined too,Doctors say people tend to have the food habits of their parents,in my case I agree with that,My mom is also overweight but in women there is another disadvantage when we are pregnant we gain weight,in my opinion,to be on a diet is not enough to lose weight, its also neccessary to change our daily food habits,reduce fat foods,add salads and fruits and very important to do more physical activities,like work out,run or walk.
Amy yes I listened about those models in Spain and I agree with you BRAVO People dont have to go to extremes,
about the diet you mentioned sounds strange that your brother lost more weight than your sister eating more than her,I WANT THAT DIET :wink:
keep in touch Cris

Yes i did been a lot of time but i never lose any bigger kilograms.I just cant control myself and now i have 103 killograms

The most popular diets in the US are the [si: fud] diet (I won’t reveal the real spelling; Amy will know what I mean), and the BRAT diet.

BRAT means bananas, rice, apple sauce and toast. You’re supposed to go on that diet if you have diarrhea.

Hi Cristina and everyone,

:lol: Well, I have never tasted a try of going on a diet. To be sure that you are thin, fat or healthy, your height and weight have to be matched, also according to your age. That’s a nice topic. But sometimes doctors order that we lose some weight to stay in a healthy and good condition. That’s a must. Well, if I went on a diet, I would try to refrain from eating the things I like. :shock:

Why do we have to be models when it seems our body can be moved or pulled by wind? :lol:

Hi All,
I don’t like skinny girls, so I’m not a real fan of those models anyway.
I love to eat, I think eating is good and my girl loves the some things as I do.
Life is short , you’ve got to take all the good things as much as you can and as long as you can.
If you think you a bit fatter than you wanted to be, then burn it, go to gym, run some miles, whatever.
If you eat more times a day your body’s gonna get used to it, your inner-system (I hope this word make sense in English) wont see no reason to keep the fat, it gives an order to your body to get rid of it.
If you eat less times your body saves (as fat) as much as it can for about the same reason.
If you want to get fat eat less times, mostly at night and don’t exersise at all. :slight_smile:
Please girls, stop worrying about your weights, it’s driving me crazy when a sexy girl complaining 'cause she wants to look like those damn models.
No offense to the models :slight_smile:
Don’t you guys think I say this 'cause I’m a cook :slight_smile:

You couldn’t be more right, Spencer! We owe it to ourselves to enjoy life. Unfortunately, we often don’t take pleasure in the things we take for granted. If we are blessed with food, the least we can do is consider it as more than just a necessary tool for survival. Let’s treat ourselves to some food, now, shall we? Got any ideas for lunch?

By the way, a nice, steaming bowl of goulash soup is definitely high on my list of things I enjoy in life!*

*Instead of paprika, though, I use ‘piment?n’, its (smoked) Spanish counterpart. They say Hungarian paprika descended from ‘piment?n’ anyway! :roll:

:lol: :lol: and rushing off to the kitchen.

I think it’s typically European (West European) that a country’s government would bother to pass a law about the weight of fashion models. Their legislators must not have anything to keep them busy, because they’re alway sticking their fingers into various small aspects of private life and trying to force people to do things one way or another. If women were really so disgusted by skinny models, they wouldn’t attend fashion shows, and they wouldn’t look at fashion magazines. But they aren’t disgusted by them, and they do look at those magazines. Magazines do a lot of market research, and if women stopped looking at them out of disgust for the skinniness of the models, the editors would find out very quickly, and they would change the type of woman they use in the photographs. But that never happens, so they don’t change.

The very idea of such a law reminds me of a story in Kurt Vonnegut’s book Welcome to the Monkey House. It takes place in the future, and everybody has finally been forced to be equal. Ballerinas have to have weights hung from them so that they won’t dance any more gracefully than anyone else. A really handsome man has to wear funny glasses that make him look stupid. TV announcers all have speech impediments. One very smart man has a device in his ear that makes a loud, irritating noise whenever he has an intelligent thought. The story is set in the United States in “the future”, but I think this is the utopian dream of many European politicians.

You guys are also forgetting one portion of the population: Naturally skinny girls. What about them? What about girls who are very skinny, but not anorexic, and are very healthy? I dated a dancer like that when I was in school. She ate a lot, but she was always skinny. Women would look at her and talk about her with the same disgust you folks have toward the models. But being skinny was just as natural to her as being chunky is for other women.

Hi Jamie,
I think you are the one who forgetting something.
Noone wrote anything about women don’t like models.
I wrote my own feelings about skinny girls.
I don’t care if they skinny by nature, or from not eating, I don’t like them, that’s it.
I wouldn’t date your dancer girl either. It’s like my wife wouldn’t have dated me, if I was a skinny guy. She hates these model guys, she calles them fag. :slight_smile:
Anyway, I just wanted to let all the girls know that there are people who likes them the way they look like, some like skinnys, some like chubbys.
Women buy those magazines, not men.