Have anyone heard about 'G hour' or 'hour G'?

Have any of you heard about ‘G hour’ or ‘hour G’? In my language it is very commonly used to mean ‘the time when it is necessary for something to be done’. For example, Vietnam has now joined the WTO, and foreign retail chains have now been allowed to enter the country, so it’s time (in Vietnamese people say ‘G hour’) for domestic retail chains to improve their services in order to compete with foreign ones. I just wonder whether people can understand me if I use ‘G hour’ in this case.
By the way, can I use ‘prime time’ here? I’m afraid not because in most dictionaries it just has the meaning of ‘the time when the largest number of people are watching or listening in TV and radio broadcasting’.

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Hi Nessie,

Nice to see you back again. No, I don’t know about ‘G hour’. All I can offer is ‘the moment of truth’. I don’t whether that fits the bill?



Hi Alan,
It’s so nice to see you again, too :slight_smile: These days I’m rather busy with my schooling and other stuff, so I was not online here for a while :slight_smile: I think ‘the moment of truth’ is not very suitable in this case. Please have a look at this (it is my translation, and as I don’t know the world yet, I use ‘G hour’ instead):

What do you think? and how about using ‘prime time’ instead of ‘the G hour’?

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Hi Alan,
I’ve just found out I could use ‘zero hour’ to express that idea :slight_smile: But now comes another question - do people often say ‘zero hour’ or ‘the zero hour’?

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Nessie :slight_smile:

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G-hour (G-giờ) used in Vietnam maybe the H-hour (zero hour) in English. For more info, please search for " Military designation of days and hours" ơn wiki.