Hast makes waste

Do you agree or disagree?Hast makes waste.Use specific details and examples to support your response
In our daily life there are many occasions where most people are in a hurry to do their work in time. In addition, this behavior may result in a real waste of time and effort.
Considering someone who goes to the restaurant to have lunch, he expects a fast service and do not like to wait. This expectation could finish in bad quality of food. The same problem affects other social services such as libraries, banks, supermarkets and bus stations. For instance, last month I went to the supermarket that was busy and all of the customers were in a hurry. The owner of the market got confused about customers’ requirements and this caused them to be late.

Another problem related to health is that it can affect your health. A common problem is the stress that affects most people from big cities. This problem makes kids stay a lot of time in front of the TV or computer, instead of making social life. These habits may cause them some physical illnesses such as eye sight problem or some mental illnesses such as feeling alone and having lack of ability in social treatments. For example my neighbor’s child had some physical illnesses as a result of being at home for a long time.

In summary I agree with the topic statement because in most occasions people make big mistakes when they act in a hurry.

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