Has TV destroyed communication? Do you agree or disagree?

In life, TV still play a crucial role in society. In many families, TV is a popular entertainment tool. This essay will give some reasons why TV has not destroyed communication.
The main reason is that TV programs can become a topic to start a conversation. With many people, TV programs are their hobbies. So, it is easy for people to talk about their interests. People tend to discuss about interesting news after watching TV. Consequently, they already communicate each other.
The second reason is that TV can become a way which can help people contact with others. Many interactive programs are broadcast, this help people gain more experiences in communication. When they join these programs, they can play in a team. This can result in improvement of communication skill.
Finally, people do not focus on only TV, so TV can not be a complete factor which destroy communication. People have many things to do. They work, they study or they travel. This means that TV can not be strong to destroy communication.
To conclude, TV can help people close together when they share their hobbies or join a interactive programs on TV. Instead of thinking TV destroy communication, people should see the positive impact of TV.

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