has gone vs. went


Can someone help me out with this?

She has gone out with friends
She went out with friends

Can I know what’s the difference between these sentences?


She has gone out - implies that not only did she go out, but she’s not here at the moment.
She went out - suggests that at some point in time she went out, and whether she’s here or she’s still out is unclear without further context.

Thanks for the reply.

Let me create a phone dialogue:

Adam: Hi, can I speak to Mr. Smith
Jen: I’m sorry. He has gone out to the pharmacy.

In this context, is there any difference if Jen says “He went to the pharmacy.”?


'He’s gone to the pharmacy ’ is the correct alternative.

He went… changes the tense and sets the visit to the pharmacy in the past instead of in the present.

Hi Rickyrocky,

There is of course the difference in the two tenses - present perfect simple (has gone) and past simple (went). By saying: He has gone out, you are explaining why he is not there. By saying: he went, you are explaining what he did and there would usually be an expectation of when this was. To make this conversation sound right, you would have to say: He went to the pharmacy about five minutes ago.


The picture is getting clearer to me now and I appreciate your help very much )