"has gone to" vs "will be"

How should I understand “has gone to” here? Is it the same as “will be”.

VIRGINIA STEEN, Wife of Hostage Alann Steen “We kept thinking that, well, come Monday, they will realize they made a big mistake and it will go away. They will realize their mistake. There’s no way they can accuse us of something like this. But then, Monday has gone to six years and we still don’t know if it’s finished or not.”

As I understand it, ‘Monday has gone to six years’ means ‘Monday has turned into six years’. In other words, six years haved passed since that Monday.

That sounds about right. Thanks. Is the same “has gone to” used in other Englishes apart from AmEng?

I’m not sure, so let’s wait for another opinion.

Yes, let’s. Thanks.

I don’t find it very natural, even in American English. “Has become” seems more likely than “has gone” but as you know, when people are speaking, it doesn’t usually come out as it would when they are writing.