Please help me with these sentences.

Summer season has started/set in.
Winter season has ended.
Time is changing.

Can I write those sentences in this way also?

Summer season has got started/set in.
Winter season has got ended.
Time is getting changed.

Are both type of sentences correct?
Are both type of sentences giving the same meaning.

Please I need a satisfactory answer :frowning:

Hi Rida,

I can’t see the point of using the ‘get’ constructions. I would add ‘the’ to summer and winter.

Hi Mr. Alan,

Please could you elaborate your answer? I couldn’t get you.

Is it wrong to use ‘get’ there?
Are those sentences giving the same meaning with ‘has’ and ‘got’ ?
Please clear my confusion :frowning:

Put plainly, I wouldn’t use ‘get’ the way it is used in your sentences.

Is it more natural to say:
“Summer has set in.”
“The summer season has set in”?
Are both natural?
Thank you.

Of those two, probably ‘Summer has set in,’ but only because it is shorter and people tend to use shorter options.

My post has disappeared and so I will repeat. For me ‘set in’ is often associated with something unpleasant such as - The rainy season has set in.

OK, thanks :slight_smile: