Has anyone tried this?

HI all friends ,

In our daily life we have many problems , some of them pass easily but some of them may proceed for many year and we may die without solving them !

One other common feeling , Did any one had a feel that he is useless ?!!

some times I lose my self-confident and feel that my life has no meaning , I’m sure that my God gave me a chance in life to have definite role but unfortunately I can’t find out my role .

Waiting to hear from you if any one passed with those feelings

Many thanks

Let me say that I preoccuoped with thoughts like that most of the time. It happens when I am acting as a freeloader. When I am busy with some work they all vanish.

But, I don’t forget to say that being daydreaming darg me into that stage that I feel how useless I am. The peak is when you are rolling on your bed at night.

I hate thinking like that, but most of the times I have no choose, but giving up. Talking with some elder people may calm you down a little.

As I told you, trying to be busy with something may be the best cure to get rid of those thoughts.

When a certain someone walks into your life you will lose all of these negative feelings.
You guys are young, whilst I am old, with no future ahead of me… so what have you to be miserable about? Get out with your mates and have a good time before you are too old to do so.

This world is full of gorgeous girls. Go out and grab yourself one and stop being lonely and feeling badly done to!

Hi Legend,
Let me start by telling you this, " Everyone has a purpose being in this world." For me, ones value isn’t what you attained in this world but how you touched ones life. How you gave colors in their days, how you painted smiles in their face. Living in this world is a gift, a precious one. We must make the most of it. Life isn’t just a bed of roses, as the saying goes. So, we should expect problems arising. Good thing is, every problem, whether big or small, has a solution. And everything happening to us has a reason. Every closed door opens a new opportunity. Just be patient.
I believe, everyone experienced what you been through right now, we may handled it differently. But think of it, you surely have friends and families around you, they need you, that’s the reason you are in this world. Whenever I’m down, what I do is, I look around and appreciate little things, sometimes I ask my nieces to hug me, in that way I know I am loved. And the most important thing is, I pray. I talk to the ONE up there;I talk to HIM like a friend, and I asked HIS guidance and wisdom. Then after, I felt lightness within me. How about you try it, I’m sure it will work in you too. Take care, smile and God bless.

I think each person in his life experiences this feeling at least once. In my view, it doesn’t matter how old you are. Even if you’re on the top of this world you are never satisfied what you have. Remember J.K.Jerome 'It seems to be a rule of this world. Each person has what he doesn’t want, and other people have what he does. Married men have wives, and don’t seem to want them; and young single fellows cry out that they can’t get them. Poor people who can hardly keep themselves have eight hearty children. Rich old couples, with no one to leave their money to, die childless. Such is life, and we are but as grass that is cut down, and put into the oven". :frowning:

Hey Kitos.
I missed you, my friend. Really heart touching advice.

I once had the same feeling for a long time in my senior high school until I started to learn to be thankful for what I was given, and then everything changed.
Seize those moments when you can change your life to a better one, and I think whether you think you can or you can’t live the life you want, either is right!

Life is full of ups and downs,sometimes u feel u are proud of urself,when u do something deserves or something u like,othertimes ,u feel frustrated,hopeless and bored.
it happens to all of us ,bt we have to overcome these feelings by doing anything we like ,geeting busy as much as we can

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hey beeeeeeesnes,
thanks alot for nfoming me,promise to write full letters of words.

Although there are many problems occurred, I will not allow them to be confusing me. I will begin with threes. 1. begin with figuring one of them out with a single step, 2. begin it myself, and 3. begin it NOW, not later. So, if I have got many problems, I will let them to solve one by one with the best of mine according to the emergency, priority, feasibility through scoring them and also calculating the benefit and cost (risk) ratio. Yeah, score them, it totally depends on yours. If you are a pianist and your finger is hurt, may be you score it 90, while Celine Dion score it 10. The higher the total score, the more urgent to be resolved first. Happiness is mine, it should be created not searched. Don’t bother yourself to search happiness from others, I bet you, you will not find it. Hey, I even many times lack of self confident, yet I never ever feel useless. I enjoy myself, getting rid of my ideas, items, and giving a hand to save others. Then, I conquer my fear. All in all, I should be wise to myself for the rest of the problems that I couldn’t work out. Cheers. Lina.