Happy Teacher Day!

Again, here is coming the Teacher Day ! Today ,September 10th, is very special for all the teachers here!!! Beautiful gifts , nice greeting cards, shiny smiles…all is so impressive that I am hit by a feeling , it jumps out from my heart and cries__________"Do you want to be a teacher?’ :wink:
To be a teacher you will know all the responsibilities , which make you so important. The young would take you as their lighthouse , leading them to the right way!
To be a teacher you would get desires to know more, not only for your students but yourself.
To be a teacher you would get a key to open man’s soul.

[color=darkred][size=150]Happy Teacher Day!!![/size]

[color=darkblue]THANK YOU, FANG FANG! :smiley:

I’m not sure about opening man’s soul, but I like your comparison with a lighthouse! In fact, I’m beginning to see myself in a different light now.

Have a great day, too!

Thanks, FangFang!

It sounds like a very enjoyable day for teachers in China. :smiley:

According to Wikipedia, the date used to be August 28th — Confucius’s birthday. Do you know why it was changed to September 10?

Even though it’s not Teacher’s Day in Germany, I nevertheless received a little gift today:
At long last I finally have a highspeed internet connection (after a 6-year wait).



Congratulations, Amy![/size][/b][/u]

I hope it will last! :lol:


[size=200][color=orange]Happy Teacher Day toooooooo !!![/size]

Although we celebrate it in March …
but I think that it’s a good chance this year to celebrate it twice …


Hi, Amy. I checked it online and found the Confucius’s birthday should be at September 28th, not August 28th. :wink: That gave me a big surprise because this year my birthday is at September 28th , too! ___Such a great honour ! :smiley: :smiley: Really!!! :!: :!: :!: :oops: :lol:
Well, what I know is that they want to change the Teacher’s Day to September 28th , obviously for memorizing the great Confucius!!! He is regarded as a great educator in Chinese traditional history. But here many teachers don’t want to celebrate it at September 28th. They have got used to it , just at the very beginning of new term .
Anyway, I am very excited because this year the birthday seems to be very special for me ___Confucius’s birthday!! :wink: :lol:

Dear Fangfang

First of all i like to say HAPPY TEACHER DAY and i think this day should be the first day of the school.

But what a big gift or a big celebration they will take when they see there work are going to give the best result.

My perents are both teachers. One day when i was young i went with my daddy to the market, a stange person stop my father and told him that he was one of his “my father” student and he is now an engineer. after a little chat between my fater and that man, The man left us and I looked to my father face i he was smiling. each time i remember that event I remember how my father become happy. I think it was better than a big gift or celebration that a person will get ever in his life. to see your work are giving his right result.

Best respects to all Teachers on earth.

Hi, Mahmoud:
You are quite right!!! It’s a very amazing and happy thing !!! During your life you would meet many teachers in different stages. Can you remember someone who gave a deep impression for you? :wink:
I know many teachers , but those in my early memories affected me a bit. I know two special ladies . One is my first Chinese teacher. That year I was six , and just moved to this new city for my study. Everything was strange to me. I didn’t know how to get along with others. My Dear! I even didn’t know how to speak mandarin, strong dialect accent! :oops: Nobody could understand me! When my Chinese teacher introduced me I felt very nervous, OHHH, it was my big day ! :lol: She led me to my seat , holding my hands , at that time, I felt that I wasn’t so new! ehehe. When we took Chinese courses she came over and taught me how to hold the pencil and write, at the first Chinese course I remembered my amiable Chinese teacher, she was so kind to us like a mom. :wink: Whenever it is I would always think of her, never forget. I remembered one year she suffered very serious illness, all of us cried . We didn’t go to have class and went to the hospital for seeing her. So warm !!! Of course, now she was retired , but I still miss her, nearly twenty years passed everything just happened yesterday! If I could meet her on the road I think I would be very excited, because she still remember us! She took us like her kids! That is our Chinese teacher, a lady like a mom :!:
Well, here I 'd like to introduce my second teacher, she was my high school English teacher. :lol: She was very strict with us . You can’t imagin how boring it was to recite English words everyday!! Recite new words and phrases, read books and write them down . Everyday we must do the same thing, at that time I was really hating English,ehehe :oops: but unfortunately I got a good score in an English exam , thus My English teacher told me,“See, you can make it!” and what’s more unfortunately was, we were asked to attend an English contest ! So I together with another girl had to be supervised by her for English study everyday! Those were tough times , very hard, we must do lots of papers for improvements . In order to learn English better She even asked us to live with her (you may laugh! but it was true!) Of course, we got good scores finally! Now I still remember her ,too. She is another kind of teacher who will make you remember forever, because I want to thank her for her strictness with us though I never told her that. :oops: Now, I am still on the way of learning English , I think she would be happy! :smiley:
So, Mahmoud, at this time May your parents “Happy Teacher’s Day”,too!! :wink: Must stop here, too long! :oops:

Hi there,

When talking about teachers, we should remember that they are human, they do many great things and do mistakes too.

I like to talk about two types here.
The first one is teachers can give the inspiration to there students to follow up there life and continue in progress till they achive there goal in the life with faithful. All respect to those people who lights the way for us before and for our childern and the people who comes after and after and after…

The Second type is teachers who block the way and give the feeling of desperation for the new eyes that start see the lights.they are afew here in this world, thank God about that.

I think we met both type of teachers in our life and we all hope that the second type disappear.