Happy St.Nicholas Day


St. Nicholas is considered a holy man who did a lot of welfare. He lived in the 3rd century. One of the legends about him is that he asked kids if they had been good kids and obeyed their parent´s orders and behaved well towards others. It did not help the kids to lie at him as it is said that his servant “Ruprecht” had collected information about the kids.
All those kids that followed rules and behaved well have been given presents and those that did not or even lied at him got whacked with a broom by Ruprecht. lol Here there is a usage on every 6th of Dez. to celebrate St.Nichoas anniversary. Usually all kids are given little presents, no matter how they behaved while the last year. And due to educational rules none of the kids gets flogged any more. Just the size of the gift might vary according to the doings of the kids in the past year.
Lol I am not a kid, but sometimes it occurs that even mature people receive a gift now and then. I must have been a good guy last year. :grin::grin: I got a gorgeous gift. How about you?
Happy St. Nicholas Day


Excellent! Maybe tomorrow you can teach us about Krampus and Krampusnacht !


Hi Luschen, sorry, I can not. That´s a habit celebrated in Southern Germany, somewhat on the other site of the “Weißwurst Äquator” (Bavarian veal sausage equator).


Oh I loved Weisswurst when I visited Munich! So sad you apparently don’t get to enjoy it :wink:


Funnily enough the Krampus is also called ‘Bartl’ which probably stems from the word ‘Bart’ which in turn reminds me of Bart Simpson :sunglasses:.


hm… must be scary guy hence, this Krampus :grin: