Happy Ramadan

Dear Friends,

Every year in the month of Ramadan, all Muslims fast from first light until sundown, abstaining from food and drink. Those who are sick, elderly, or on a journey, and women who are pregnant or nursing are exempted to break the fast and make up an equal number of days later in the year. If they are physically unable to do this, they must feed a needy person for every day missed.The fasting during Ramadan is regarded principally as a method of self purification. By cutting oneself off from worldly comforts, even for a short time, a fasting person gains true sympathy with those who go hungry as well as growth in one’s spiritual life.

Happy Ramadan … I hope God will bestow all the people with peace and pleasure.


Hi dear! thank you very much for enlighting us. You are very kind person.

Dear Hadeel,

Many thanks for posting this interesting message about the Ramadan. It is a very good idea for people in western societies to learn about cultures and traditions in other countries. This way we are reminded that in addition to the material riches there are spiritual and mental riches too. We tend to focus on too much on commercial aspects in our lives: When do I get to buy this new mobile phone? Why does my neighbour have a better car than me? My computer is 3 old now - time to buy a new one. The Ramadan helps you to see yourself from a different angle, you start asking some important questions and you will find the answers within yourself. So, the purpose and the results of the Ramadan are probably very positive.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, question-response: It’s been a tough week, hasn’t it?[YSaerTTEW443543]

hi for all of you
I was busy last month with my first year at the university because the first year is the most important and Iam fraid .
when I have any time I like to spend it in this forum and I read this nice topic about Ramadan and I want to talk about Ramadan .
Ramadan is the best month in the year because Quran was reveal in this month to prophet Mohamad.
In this month all muslims feel equal(rich people feel like poor people)
and we spend this month in reading holy Quran and praying.
and also helping poor people and who need money and food.

It sounds very exciting!And you are a very kind woman!
:stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Really exciting to read all these facts about Ramadan but, and forgive my unwit, what would be this month in our calendar? is it december?