Dear Authors, students and learners

I want to wish a happy and successful new year to all of you. That all your wishes will become true.

I wish that my English becomes better and better.

By the way I got the result of my exam in November at LCCI London. I passed the test with credit and I am very proud about this. Passed with distingtion would be better, but I think for me a good credit is better than a poor distingtion. I am glad and happy about the result, especialy when I am considering that I started learning English in September 2002.

Let me see what the new year brings to me and to my English for example. A new year brings new challenges. Let us use all the chances we get. :smiley:

Best wishes to all of you
:twisted: teufelchen53

Hi Teufelchen,

Thanks for your wishes for the New Year and a Happy New Year to you, too. Congratulations on your exam result, which is a really remarkable achievement for someone who has only been learning English for a short time.

Best wishes