*Happy mother's day* "Parents are the best teacher"(agree/disagree)

Admittedly, the first teachers who everyone had are the parents. They taught us how to walk, eat, speak and cooperate. Firstly, parents had provided us the most significant basics of life, which are manners. Secondly, they had gave us strength in order to cooperate in out life. Thus, parents are the greatest teacher in the child’s life.

When a new child born, parents teach the infant only a respectful and the good manners. Everybody is born with zero information about this life, so parents begin to teach the infant what is acceptable and what is unacceptable. The first and the most significant role that parents do; they behave politely front of their child. By way of example, parents stop cursing and start to behave nicely. [behaving nice]

In addition to the importance of the taught manners, strength and self confidence plays a great part in our life. In the beginning, Children are always terrified from every little thing, such as the dark, humans and animals. Hence, it is parent’s responsibility to teach the child how to face these kinds of things. The most important rule that parents teach their children, is to stand up for their rights. For instance, it is known that in the class time, the pupils must be quiet, but in some cases a specific student make a noise while the teacher is not observing, hence, the teacher get angry and blame the wrong student, so it is the innocent student responsibility to defend himself, exactly how the parents taught him or her.

On the other hand, parents cannot provide all the educational methods. On other words, the child will grow up and as soon as he graduate the high school, he or she going to attend the university or a college for studying and Specializes a specific path. Therefore, parents do not have the ability for teaching with universities level. The point is parents are not professional teachers in the education field.

By way of conclusion, based on the argument explored above, Parents are teacher for early ages for basic things about life. Nevertheless, they still the best lovely teacher that a child could ever have.

P.S. I’m not sure if the third paragraph debate should be existed…
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And happy mother’s day to all the beautiful mothers around this world, for those who can’t have children and for those who are in heaven. <3

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Hi Eliasbit, your essay was pretty good, but you seemed to have some rough patches towards the end. Your structure was very good and you had some good examples to support your arguments. Much of your writing sounded very natural, but other parts had some grammatical and other minor errors that sounded a bit awkward. Still, these did not interfere with my comprehension of your ideas. Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5.

Thanks luschen,
Paragraph 2
When a new child [is] born, parents teach the infant only a respectful and the good manners. {well, maybe this is the ideal, but as a parent myself, in practice, not so much …}
[color=red]hahahaha, yeah I know what you mean, actually parents laugh when they hear the child curse!!
{they start to do this when they have kids? :slight_smile: }
[color=red]the above comment can replay to your question too! :wink:
Paragraph 4
{if you bring up this contrasting point, be sure to add a quick rebuttal or explain why this objection does not invalidate your theses}
[color=red]Please explain more, I dont really understand what you mean.
Paragraph 5

By way of conclusion, based on the argument explored above, Parents are teacher[s, beginning at] for early ages for [the] basic things[facts] about life. Nevertheless,{this is not the best transition here - use it when you say something that the previous statement attempted to disprove} they still the best lovely teacher{“best lovely teacher” sounds very odd} that a child could ever have.
[color=red]“Nevertheless”, what could it be replaced with? maybe, “however”??
[color=red]“best lovely teacher” < what could it be replaced with??