Happy Father's Day!

Lads and lasses!

Have you wished your father and tell him how much you love him on this wonderful day?

If you haven’t, waste not a second more and give him a ring and for those who are lucky enough to have them around, give them a big bear hug and a big loud kiss on the cheek, now!

To all fathers out there, happy father’s day and may you all have a jolly day!

And kindly tell us what it means to be a father. Or your first and best experience of being a father.

With that, I’ll speak again soon!


Ha…Nina…you are so nice…thanks for reminding me of this precious day!

Happy Father’s Day.

I’m going to do something good for my father, though it’s not a big bear hug. :smiley:


Nice post, Nina.

In Spain, as in the Roman Catholic tradition, Father’s Day (el d?a del padre) is celebrated on Saint Joseph’s Day (19th March).

[color=indigo][size=150]Happy Father’s Day to all dads![/size]

Hi Rosa,

I agree, it doesn’t have to be a big bear hug. He doesn’t need anything from us actually. But while we can, we should always try our best to cherish them, not only on father’s day, but every day! Why, they are one of the two reasons we are here. Fathers are amazing beings, they are.

Why the Saint Joseph’s Day? I do think it’s better that way, fixing the date I mean. As much as I do not want to admit it, I am lousy around dates and anniversaries.

Where are all fathers on this forum? Well, I did hear that men are not very articulate when it comes to sharing their feelings. But I also heard that it was a myth.


Thank you, Nina, for the information. In Russia this day doesn’t exist at all. But anyway I don’t think we need any special day to say a couple of warm words to our dads. :smiley:

Really Pamela? I thought the whole world celebrates father’s day every year on the third Sunday of June.

BTW, do you think men like socks as a present? Or do you think it’ll make a good present? (Honest question)


Hi Nina,

In Russia the third Sunday of June is a professional holiday of doctors. Anyway, I’ve congratulated my father as he is a surgeon :lol:

My honest answer: why not, Nina. :smiley: All the presents are good, especially if they are made with all your heart. :lol: The main thing is who gives a present but not the gift itself, if you ask me. :wink:

Hi gal!

What a wonderful coincidence! He should be having a jolly good time then. Though I bet it is not very likely, surgeons are very busy, aren’t they?

WOW. You ARE very nice. I won’t accept unless it’s a diamond ring, or a Porsche. :slight_smile: :smiley: :lol: :lol: :lol:

By the way, my uncle told me that a pair of socks would be a good present for men.I thought he was pulling my leg. If it is true, well,men are very easy to please.


Yes, Nina, that’s true.

Yes :lol:

I talked to my dad and one grandpa (mom’s dad). The other grandpa was out of town and he travels sans (without) a cell phone.

There is no father’s day in Georgia :slight_smile:
If I call my dad and say I love him ,he will probably think I’m crazy :smiley:


Though I’ve heard this from the boys from time to time, it never failed to make me laugh. :lol:

Oh yes, Nina. :lol: :smiley:

I just made an experiment and called my old man:

Me : Dad ,you’re a good man,thanks for everything …
My father : … Are you drunk ?
Me : no dad I’m serious
My father :how much do you need ?

Hahahahahahaaha! :lol:

You just made my Sunday.


That’s sad when the father thinks of his son that day. :frowning:

But that’s really funny. :smiley:

I hope my father won’t say that to me. haha…

Hi Nina, thanks for bringing up this topic. For me being a father is not just having children around. I think a FATHER means a lot. I am a father of two and I feel that it is a big responsibility being called a father. Sometimes I am scared that I might not be an ideal father for them…

Ahmadov nobody’s ideal…

I just do not agree with you, Che… I have a friend who is ideal for me. So can fathers be to their children.