Hallo everyone! I'm Edyta (Eda:))) from Poland

Hallo, I study english to pass FCE Exam, its very important to me. I know there is veeeeery long way to this moment, but Im very patient. I do some mistakes yet but I hope I can find some hepl in this forum. I woul be very gratefull if you will correct me and take me some advices. soon Ill write what is difficult to me. see u next time! :smiley:

Hi Edyta!

Sorry, I feel a bit guilty that your introduction seems to be overseen until now as I replied to another topic here recently after you sent your post. :oops: I?m an English learner too.

But I?m sure there will be a Moderator or Administrator welcoming you soon!


Hello Edyta,

Many thanks for joining our community. Could you please tell us about yourself? Why do you want to pass the Cambridge First Certificate in English? As Michael said, we are always here for you and will answer any of your grammar questions. Regarding the word adive you might want to read Advice is uncountable – let me know what you think,


TOEIC short conversations: Catering employee calls customer to inform her about a delivery problem.[YSaerTTEW443543]

Welcome Eda! I am from Poland as well, and a newbie, like you :slight_smile: So we have already two things in common.

I hope you enjoy this place!

By the way, where in Poland do you live?

Im 28, I live in Wroclaw, Now I look after my younger son (14 mounths, and older one has 7), but Im going to come back to work soon.
I know that my earlier company dont want to take me back:( I dream to pass FCE becouse I need some certificate to substantiate my skills. Its very hard to find a job nowadays in our country even I have degree or Post-graduate degree:( I didnt want to lose my time, so I decided to develop myself in languages when I was at home... I love this language but even I study so hard, every day I reaserch how much I dont know yet:) There are many pionts in English witch makes me some problems but maybe Ill write u next time.

Ania where do you live? and tell me more about yourself,
Fan of Arabian horses dont worry I didnt wait for you so long:),
Torsten are u form England? now I try to write my CV, (awfull task:)) I have been studying all English tanses and now I can`t use it:)

Tnx once again that you welcome me so warm.
see you again:) bye!

Welcome eda to this site!It’s the right choice.I strongly believe this site will do you a great favour and help you to master English!You may always rely on the support of administrator,moderators,English teachers and members of this forum! :smiley:


Well …A big welcome for you in our website and I hope that you’ll find good practice that you are looking for …
by the way … is your name eda ?
and could you tell me somethings about your country Poland ?
I’ve heard it’s very beautiful country… :slight_smile:

Best wishes


Hi, I had very busy days lately: housework, children, garden and English lessons, and I couldn’t surf in the Net. I was looking forward to opening these pages :slight_smile: Now I have some time for myself.

Hercules, my name is Edyta, Eda is shorter… and much easier to utter.
Do you really want to know something about Poland? I thought I could tell it in a few sentences, but it’s very difficult. Poland has got a very long history and there are many interesting information about my country. I’ll try to write the most important:

  1. Poland is located in middle Europe. In X age Poland became Christian country,
  2. For many ages it was also big, strong and thriving place. But Poland had strong neighbors which often were fighting with themselves and usually Poland participated in these wars. Unfortunately in 1795 r. our country disappeared from European maps. Neighbors shared Poland with themselves. There was a nation without country. Owing to our tradition, religion and strongly faith after 123 years in 1918 we came back.
  3. But we were very weak, -we were depend Russia to 1989 r, it wasn’t good time.
  4. In 1989 we became democratic and really free nation. Now Poland is a part of European Union, NATO.
  5. Poland is a beautiful place; there is Baltic Sea on North and so high mountains on South. There are many green forests and a large number of lakes. It isn’t spoiled place.
  6. There are many charming cities and other places to see-sighting.
  7. Its agricultural country, our agriculture isn`t genetic modificated, we don’t have junk food. We are well-known for very tasty and healthy food, especially meat and sausage.
  8. There are many famous Polish people: Copernicus, John III Sobieski, Maria Sklodowska-Curie, Fryderyk Chopin, Lech Walesa, Karol Wojtyla- John Paul II e.g.,
  9. We have many well-educated people and many famous inventors. Unfortunately we`ve got the highest unemployment in Europe and a large number of them go to another countries to work. Its our the biggest problem nowadays.
  10. Polish people are open, easy going and very hospitable. There is one sentence which knows every Polish child “Guest at home = Got at home”.
  11. Mabybe you don’t know yet where to go to holiday, I`m sure Poland is interesting place to visit. (Don’t worry, English is the most famous foreign language we study)

Please, tell me something about Syria, I`m shame because I don’t know enough…

I wish you nice day, bye!

Hello Eda,

I?m also new here, but I wanted to welcome you as well.

I teach English up to that level (FC). It?s an important degree here as it is an international exam.
I always advice my stds to do it. One never knows… :slight_smile:

Besides, here (in Argentina) that is the requested level to enter university if you want to be a translator or to start studying to be a national teacher (I “was” :cry: a tranlator but have always worked as a teacher what I looooove!)

Count on me if I can be of any help,

warm regards


Hi :wink:
I catch you
How are you?
I read your write about your country
I think your country ………. Really it’s wonderful.
If you to want see photos to my country you can that if you open “New ESL Forum Member” - fangfang And Tere-
With my love :o

thx for your answer, I have 2 days without studying, I cant pay attention to my books:( I noticed that I prefer housworking than studying…
I don’t know what is wrong, but I write all new words, study it but when I try to build sentences on my English course usually the most important word disappears :cry: I hate it!
Besides, the biggest problem that I have is to understand what Eng people talk, I need some English CD, maybe with text of some books? I was at library and bookshop, but I didn’t find any.
I have target but now I don’t have power to realize it. Maybe becouse of hot weather? 32 degree in the shadow is too much for me.
Sorry I’ve only moan about my sad mood. Maybe tomorrow I will think more optimistic.
See u soon :wink:

How about some DVDs to start with?

I can totally sympathize with you on this one, Eda!

Moan away all you like if it’s an outlet – and even if it isn’t (after all we are entitled to groan and grumble from time to time, it’s only human). Heat can have the same effect on me!


I saw the photos thanks to the link you left.
Great! Your country is beautiful. I hadn?t seen any pics before and did not think it was sooo nice!

Thank you again!

Hi Eda…

I have to say I love summer -the hotter, the better. The fact is I?m on holidays by them so… :slight_smile:
There are some sites on the net offering listening material with the corresponding script. One of them is britishcouncil.org/professionals.htm

What about trying to learn some words (no more than five) every day and while doing so, using them whenever possible?
It usually works… :?:

Where is your determination eda ?

Don’t be pessimistic … :?

when you are learning any foreign language you should be so patient … :roll:

We all here stand by you eda … :wink:


Halo! now Im fine, thx :D , look! maybe we could speak by SKYPE? I think its wounderful idea, isnt it? I have been talking by skype lately, It is a good way to practice our skills, if u are interested in u can find my nick; marseda, poland, bye and nice day for all you!

Sorry, I`m not able to be with you next days becouse I leave, I think on 10th of july I will back, see you and have a nice day:)

Hi eda:)) :smiley:
:oops: oppsss… Ithing I latest again I wish to you comfortable travel and I see your write again.
take care on yourself and maybe you talk to us about your traveling. :wink:
I hope the great luck to you

Hallo! Im back, it was wonderfully journey, My boys and me were on vacation 3 weeks, we were in Poland at the very clear lake called "Szczytno" try to say this word :lol: Our home was sourended by old forests- Near Bory Tucholskie. It was super weather: sun, high temperature, and warm water. My sons enjoyed swimming many hours a day. The nicest for me and my husband was walking in the forest, on the way we were picking up berries and in the evenings we had very tasty berry pancakes. :D I tried to rest in active way, but i havent forgotten about studying, Tere took me address where I found some helpful dialogs, I found another ones by myself and I was listening to this during my holiday.
But everything what is good- finishes very quickly.
i wish you nice rest, maybe you could share with me your experience? Where were you, how was it?
bye, see u soon :smiley:

Hi, eda:)) :smiley:
It must be a nice journey, right? Why not write something more about it? :wink: :wink: