HAI i'm new 2 GRE PLZ help me

HAI frndz
I’m Satish willing 2 take GRE in dec06/jan-07.
I did’nt actually know how 2 prepare 4 the exam.What i’m mugging up is with the BARRONS as suggested by my senior.What’s the problem with me is i’m from a remote place where there’s no facility to know about GRE.But i’d vrey much desire in getting best score.So, plz help with ur assistence.
plz send ur valuable suggestions

Hi Satish,

Barrons is a good book to start with. But you can study it through flash cards. I am studying the flash cards for gre developed by the big cd and found it pretty useful. You can log on to edusoftech.com and get many other study material as per your requirement.


Barron’s is supposed to be good, so that’s a good start. I would also get the official practice questions book (www.ets.org) and download the Powerprep tests on the same site (those are free).

The other two books I would recommend are Word Smart for the GRE (better vocab list than Barron’s IMHO) and Cracking the GRE. Great practice tests and the strategies are the best.


Has anybody tried the products developed by the Big Cd?

Do reply urgently as i planning to go for their products.