"had had" and "have had" usage


Can anyone tell me how and when to use ‘had had’ and “have had”?

Thank you

Use had had for the earlier of two past actions; use have had for a recent action or one continuing to the present.

could you provide me some examples?

thank you


Better to explain the present perfect as …

“Have had” has nothing to do with the action itself, but the time you are talking about.

For instance

I drove a car - the action has finished and the time I am talking about has finished…
I have driven a car - this action has also finished, but the time I am talking about is from a time in the past to NOW and not specifically the time of the action itself.

Likewise, I “have had” a lot of luck … the being “having luck” does not continue into the present… The luck may have ended many moons ago.

Also, for many people the use of the term “the present” can be very confusing when learning a language and they often confuse it with NOW. Naturally we all know that the present is not really NOW, or is it? (smile)

But who am I to correct the legends of the past (laughing)


Yes, you are perfectly correct to say that in referring to the ‘Present’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘now’.