had been usage

When should we use “had been” and “has been”. please give some example

“Had been” refers to the past. It implies you were doing something until something else occurred.

“Has been” refers to the past, but the event is likely ongoing.

I had been writing her (before her sudden health scare). Then we lost contact. This is especially likely in accounts of events.

He has been writing me.

He has written me in the past, and he continues to do so.

Hi Jpukg,

The name for ‘has been’ is present perfect and the name for ‘had been’ is past perfect.

‘Has been’ refers to something in the past where the time isn’t definite as in: I have been to Paris (but you don’t know exactly when in the past) or : I have been busy in the last few weeks refers to a time in the recent past that has a connection with now.

‘Had been’ refers to a time in the past before another time in the past as in: I had been to Paris before I started my career/I had been very busy before I went on holiday.