group of english lovers from senegal-need help

dear friends
we have just registered in your forum .hunce; we becom one of your respectful community
we are a students from senegal who have choosen english as a major in dakar university .the think that gathers us is that we love english and want perfect our level in this lovely language.
that s why we have formed a group to creat an interaction between us .
our activities are;doing the homeworks together;ranting films by the money that we gather and watching this films together and then discussing about them .each member monthly prepar a debate in a subject. these are our activities .but we need help for materials and advice that make us use this language parfecly

Hello, Englishlovers-- and welcome to English-test.Net. I think that forming such a study group is a very good idea, and I wish you all much success in perfecting your English. Please feel free to use our forums for any questions you may have, and our free tests as practice materials.