Groundwater (TOEFL)

If the water table intersect the land surface, groundwater will flow out onto the surface at springs, whether to be collected there or to subsequently flow farther along a drainage.
11.Which of the sentences below best expresses the essential information in the above sentence? Incorrect choices change the meaning in important ways or leave out essential information.
A. Groundwater only flows out of the ground if the water table intersects the land surface.
B. If the land surface and the water table intersect, groundwater can flow underground.
C. Groundwater may be drained if springs occur where the water table intersects the land surface.
D. Where the water table meets the land surface, groundwater flows out through surface springs.

The answer to the above question is option D. Why is option C incorrect?


D restates the main idea of the sentence - water flows out of springs where the water table intersects the land surface.

C for one just sounds odd: “groundwater may be drained” - what does that really mean? The springs are what eventually drain, or flow along a drainage. The groundwater has to become springs before it can drain anywhere. And there is no “if” - the springs do occur where the water table meets the surface.


What do you mean by “for one”?

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It is an idiom, here is the definition from For one - Idioms by The Free Dictionary :

for one

Also, for one thing . As the first of several possible instances. For example, Everything seemed to go wrong; for one, we had a flat tire, and then we lost the keys , or I find many aspects of your proposal to be inadequate; for one thing, you don’t specify where you’ll get the money . For one can also be applied to a person, as in He doesn’t like their behavior, and I for one agree with him .

So here, I meant it as “This is the first thing that is wrong with answer C”


I do admit that this question is a little tough because D does seem to leave out the “collected there or to subsequently flow farther along a drainage” part of the original sentence. I suppose the explanation is that part of the sentence is not really essential information.