Greetings: I am from China... just begin preparing TOEFL test on May 9th...

hello guys! i am from china and u can call me Lei as well… just begin preparing TOEFL test on May 9th so anyone would tell me where should i go for on the forum if i want to find a speaking practice partner? Merci!! 8)

Hello Lei,

Please read through this – Looking for a speaking partner.

Also, using ‘i’ instead of ‘I’ is a good habit !

Do you want to correct that Gray.? :smiley:

Exactly, it is always easier to catch the mistakes. And I was intentional at it (or sarcastic may be). Good way to learn (and teach), isn’t it? :wink:

Hi everyone. I am Akiko. and I am 18 years old… I am still new here, and I’m kind of still confused on where to navigate and stuffs…

Hello Akiko, (I wonder, what does your name mean?)

I am quite surprised to see that … that was your first post! Anyway, you could find the discussions here arranged by forums like forum on grammar, forum on TOEFL essays, forum on speaking and pronunciation and so on. To see the list click on – forums.

ty,gray! I thought that english online would be quite different from daily use, isn’t it? Sometimes it just appears to put words together and no grammer, especially some odd abbrievation! o.O
Anyway I am still a little bit confused about why “use i instead of I is a good habit” hehe!!