Greetings, I am Cristian Dinescu, from Bucharest, Romania

Hello to each and every of you!

I am Cristian Dinescu,from Bucharest,Romania and I am looking forward to speaking to everyone willing to share the beauty and complexity of the English language.

My best to you all.

Respectfully yours, Cristian :slight_smile:

Hi Cristian,

Welcome to our community, it’s exciting to know that a history teacher from Bucharest has joined our forums. Could you please tell us more about your job? What school do you work at? Who are you students? When and how did you learn English?
Best regards

TOEIC listening, talks: Safety regulations in a nature park[YSaerTTEW443543]


Welcome to this forum. I am Cristina and I used to live in Bucharest. A wonderful city!!!

Have a nice day,

Hello Cristian, Welcome to this site. I have never been to Bucharest. Can you tell us more about the place you are from?