Great deal of.....

Is it possible to use the premodifier or the quantifier ( great deal of ) before expression of time?
For example ( Geat deal of times I visit my uncle)
I know this expression is used for instance before money or countable nouns:
Great deal of money. Great deal of buildings. Great deal of pupils. Great deal of girls.
Great deal of windows. Great deal of something… etc.

Great deal of = many.

If it is not possible please tell me why?

We would use ‘great number of’ rather than ‘great deal of’ in the sentence you suggest.
‘Number’ would be better than ‘deal’ in some of the other examples you mentioned too.

‘Great deal of money’ is correct. Money is uncoountable.
Buildings, pupils, girls and Windows are countable nouns. They would all take ‘great number of’.

Thank you Beeesneees, ok…your answer is right. But, what about using (great deal of ) before time. Although I didn’t hear or read In English Grammar, but something jumped to my mind, why we can’t use ( great deal of time ) on such uses. which means: many time.
Only I suggest… English language is comprehensive and inclusive language or what I call it the expansiveness or the massiveness, however, every language has its own property… please if you not think so… send me the correct usage of ( great deal of)

Where ‘time’ is uncountable, then we can use ‘great deal of’.