GRE: What score does any school expect?

Hey guys, I have a few questions abt the gre exam…

  1. Can any 1 tell me how much is the total score for Gre subject test. {Verbal, Quant, Analytical} specifically?
  2. What score does any school expect ?


Total score possible is 800 on each section, quant and verbal, so 1600 is the max. AWA is scored different, in .5 increments up to a perfect score of 6.

If you had a math-based major quant should be easy and you should expect 750+. Verbal is harder if you’re a quant geek or if you’re not fluent in English, but aim for 600+ in general on verbal. If you’re going for engineering they don’t care as much about verbal or AWA, but aim for 4.0 or higher on AWA too.