GRE test words

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first of all have to say love the forum, its very informative. Just had a quick question guys, do u guys know of any website or books which would have the latest word list being tested on GRE (meaning it being updated dynamically). I think all the words in the so called “hitlist” rarely repeats itself , so i find it pointless to do unless I memorize all the words in Barrons which is also a big issue. So if you ppl know of such a website or book, please let me know will really appreciate it :smiley:

Thanks in advance !!!

First of all, welcome moadhia to this forum. You are right that the words rarely repeats. But let me tell you that Barron’s (which is also a big issue) is also not enough to be sure that you will not face an alien word :wink:

Please clarify the above sentence. I am not getting it completely.

I haven’t heard of any such sites that update the words…no one can publish what’s on current or recent tests without violating the confidentially clause you have to sign (it says you won’t share any test questions or details after your test).

I don’t know how often the various prep books are updated, but there are definitely a few with hit lists that cover only the words you’re most likely to see. The Barron’s list is nuts; I couldn’t do it!! I have a book called Word Smart for the GRE, and the word lists are very easy to get through. The new editon just came out in July, so I would grab this one.

You should try using barrons book