GRE score 710 :: help please

I just took the GRE and I scored a 710 on the quantative part. The guy at the test center said that it was a really good score. What do you think? should I redue the test?

I have a few questions to ask:
1- How do I calculate the percentile?
2- I plan on applying for a computer science MS from the united states, is this score acceptable to get me admission in a good university? (i’m paying for my admission, so i’m not looking for a scholarship). I did well on the TOEFL though.

:smiley: thanks alot for your time…

I think you cannot calculate the percentile, you can just wait untill ETS sends you it
Percentile means how well you did on the test in comparison with other students who answered the same questions and solved the same problems.
Nobody can know this…