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hello …this is abhinay, completed my engg. this year and i have registered myself be appear in 26 dec 2006,for GRE…i want to know …how to mug up such a large wordlist…can GRE bible be helpful for me…if no or yes …then what more i need to do…exact 58 days reamaining(is this very short time for this)…in maths …bit comfort level…but in verbal section especially RC …lots of probs…what should i do…pls help me

Hi Abhinay,

Welcome to our forum. As far I understand you are taking the GRE on December 26 this year? That’s an interesting date for this exam, isn’t? In order to prepare for the verbal section you should create your own training program that contains a mixture of reading, writing and listening. What subjects are you interested in? Start reading articles in English related to your areas of interest.

As for your writing skills, please do pay a little more attention to spelling. Your message looks like an SMS rather than forum post.

Let me know what you think.

TOEIC listening, photographs: Breaking the rock[YSaerTTEW443543]

hello Torsten
i need actually a strategic plan for preparing GRE…as there is very few days remained…help me.

Hi Abhinay,

I definitely think the first thing you should do is go to the ETS website and download the various free GRE practice tests. Take the tests and see how you do. That will tell you where you need the most work. After that you can focus your preparation better. Click on the following link and scroll then down to Test Preparation Materials

GRE practice tests from ETS

Here is a website from a GRE test-taker. He’s written quite a few tips: … ation.html

There are quite a lot of sources of practice material online which you can find by doing a Google search: … =Suche&lr=

For reading comprehension practice, even Yahoo has something (apparently provided by Kaplan):
Reading comprehension practice

Google search for GRE reading comprehension: … =Suche&lr=

If you want to focus on vocabulary: … =Suche&lr=

Aside from that, have you had a look at the vocabulary prep right here?


thanks yankee.