GRE Math Question

if you have four houses, and you have four painting colors.
If you want to paint each house with only 1 color, how many outcomes we will have?

I have a doubt between two answers:

  1. Outcome= 4P4=4!=4x3x2x1=24


  1. Outcome: 4x(4x3x2x1)=96

what do u think guys?

it is the first answer

I think the first one is correct

answer is 4x4x4x4=256

I would agree that answer #1 is correct here. The number of outcomes in this instance is the factorial of 4 (the “factorial” of a non-negative integer is the product of all the positive integers which are less than or equal to that number).


4! = 4 × 3 × 2 × 1 = 24


I think first answer is correct.

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isn’t it 4*(4!) . write me whether I am wrong or right at

If each colour may be used only once, the answer is 24.

If however any colour may be used more than once, and any colour may be omitted, and each house must be painted in one colour, the answer is 256.


no, bcz you want to paint each house with only 1 color as given in setup.

nothing like that showed up in my exam. i really wasted time reading it ^^