GRE in 3 months and Job , Is it possible Eng. Vocab?

Hi I have to give my GRE Exam in exactly 3 months time . I am pretty satisfied currently with my math progress but I am really worried about my eng. vocabulary … Approximately how many new words should I know to get around 1250 - 1300 in GRE ???
Is it even possible in 3 months time , I should also let you folks know that I also have a job so i get of from work at 7 and spend 3 hours everyday for GRE… is 3 hours enough everyday. … Any suggestions would be more than appreciated thanks…

‘every day’ not ‘everyday’, Johnacandy.

Every day (a two word expression) means daily/each day.
Everyday ( a one word expression) actually just means ordinary or commonplace.

LOL … looks like someones been practising… Good for you. And thanks for the info.Appreciate it… Will keep it in mind.

I think it could work. My boyfriend used Dranb to study verbal and did pretty well, got into Stanford. Dranb has tons of analogy and antonym questions you can practice with. Princeton Review is also a good one. Good luck anyway

Hi johna,
I am Narendra,even i am writing GRe with in some time…so i would like to join you in your preparation…so do reply if your interested in studying together…
i assist you because it would good to study together so that we can plan on daily course what to study and execut our plans as there will be some competitiveness…

For 1250-1300 and 3 months + job you might want to learn consistently working tactics for Sentence Completion and Reading Comprehension.

Then just learn however many vocab + practice Analogy and Antonyms.

If you know 50% of Barron’s list it is more than enough for 1250-1300 (provided you do really good on Maths)