GRE essay: In our time, specialists of all kinds are highly overrated.

“In our time, specialists of all kinds are highly overrated. We need more generalists – people who can provide broad perspectives.”

“Jack of all and master of none”.A few years age this adage was meant to be an almost derogatory remerk that the person is not not in any onething but knows lots of things in bits and pieces. however today the situation seems to be quite different.

We can seee all around us that there are more and more specialists for almost every field . There is a different doctor for the ear and different one for the throat.There are engineers who are Cad specialists and There are those are those who are CAM specialists. While this this may have helped the particular aspect of the specialisation to be performed very expertly, it is in no way the way ahead.

We can see that a number deaths occur daily only due to the miscommunication between the different specialist doctors. an anologous situation exists in the industrial sector also . due to specialisation in every possible field there seem to less and less people who can bridge the knowledge gap between the different specialities .This is where the role of the generalists comes into picture.

Generalists in the bygone era were found to be as competent -if not more-as the specialists in a field today. They may sometimes have only cursory knowledge of their field , but the ultimate objective was always fulfilled. Today,too, the rise of the generalists is the need of the hour.

generalists can help to provide a much broader perspective than their specialist counterparts. In the few cases where the specialists are required ,their help shouild be sought.thus the role of both the specialists as well as the generalists is equally important.So it is the need of the hour to have more generalists who are dwindling in number today.