GRE essay: Formal education credentials should be the most important factor...

“Formal education credentials should be the most important factor in hiring employees”

I am not totally agree with the statement. The importance of education is more rather then the other but it must consider that the level of job, and responsibility that given to the employee. For the post of higher level, education is must and for lower level like mason education is not key factor for the selecting of an employee instead of physical fittness.

The education is the key factor for the basic evaluation of the employee. The education that gain by person from any institute is shown in the certificates. The certificate shows how a person can catch or understand the prescribed subject matter, in general. On the otherhand the people believe that the experiance is more important rather than the education that anyone earn from an institute. People who have high level of education they are more sincere towards the community where they live, it doesn’t mean that those people who are not educated are less sincere. I just explain that the level of their thinking is vast difference and way of perceive is also different. Obviously the educated people think more widely and analyse perfectly rather than uneducated people.

I am agree somehow about the authors theme, as the knowledge that gain in an institute is most important in case of hiring employees. In contrast I am not totally agree with this statement in fact that only formal education is not enough to becoming a good worker. If the employee have some experiences along with the education that will be verygood in the sence that the employee can deal at any level of the prescribed job that givem to him/her.

It is not always the education is leads in first but also the experiences take sometime in first position. The importance of education or experiences depends the type of works and the level of works. In the lower level the works is most important where as in the higher level education is most important. In the level of corporate of managerial position the employee have more knowledge rather than his/her experiances. If the employee is at basic level like a mason then there is no so important of the education.

In this way the education is most important in the level of employee on which they stands. If the employee is belongs to the higher level then education is most important from whom the organization would be more benificial rather than the employee without education. On the other hand if the employee’s level is basic than education can’t stand in first position, if we see the education in the basic level job then there may scarce of employee also happen. If I am educated then why I should do such work which didn’t need any formal education. in such case if an organization set a priority for the education then it may scarce of employees.

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